How Can I Change My UBA Alert Number, Follow These Steps

In this guide, you will know how you can change your UBA Alert number.

Monitoring each transaction being carried out in your Nigerian UBA account is one thing you shouldn’t fail to do.

Ensure you receive an alert on your phone when any transaction is carried on your UBA bank account.

It will help you avoid fraud and any other kind of insecurities that might happen on your UBA account.

If you have been receiving notifications and you would wish to change your phone number, let it not worry you.

In today’s article, I will guide you on how you will be able to do it; it is convenient and straightforward. 

Before we get to discuss how to change your UBA alert number, let us state various means by which you can receive notifications on the transactions done on your UBA account;

There are two significant ways on how you can receive notifications on the activities carried on your UBA account in Nigeria;

  • SMS (Short message service)
  • Email alert service.

How To Change Your UBA Alert Number

There is only one significant way of changing your UBA alert number in Nigeria by visiting the nearest UBA bank branch near you.

However, your official presentation as the account owner is not enough; you will need to have the following;

Requirements For Changing Your UBA Alert Phone Number

  • Your current phone number
  • The phone number you would wish to
  • An Email linked to your UBA bank account in Nigeria
  • Enrolment.

After ensuring you have the above details, visit the UBA bank branch near you and request forms to change your phone number to receive alerts.

Complete signing in the forms for changing your number and giving official identification documents such as an ID card for Nigeria.

If you are a U-Direct customer, you will send an email requesting to enable the service.

The UBA help desk will help you to enable your new number for you to receive notifications on it.

Every transaction is done shall be reflected on the phone number you have registered.

Features Of the UBA Alert Number

  • Notify on deposits/credit transaction alert
  • Show account balance
  • Withdraw/debit transaction alert
  • Indicate any log-in alerts to accounts related to your account.
  • Due credit payment
  • Credit card transaction and payment due date.

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