How To Deactivate MTN Free After One (1) – Cancel MTN Nkomode 2023

Here on this page, we will show you a step-by-step process to successfully deactivate MTN free after one.

If you love making lengthy calls on MTN, you will agree with me that no calling package beats the MTN free after 1 service on MTN.

The good news is that it is available to all MTN subscribers irrespective of how often you use your MTN SIM.

What Is MTN Free After One

The MTN free after one, also popularly known as Nkomode, is a fantastic call offer that allows all customers or subscribers to make or enjoy free calls at a very cheap rate or price.

As the name suggests, you pay for only the first minute of your call, and the rest becomes free of charge.

What Is The MTN Free After One ShortCode

The MTN free after one or Nkomode code is *550#. You can dial this USSD Code on your MTN mobile phone to activate or deactivate the service. It is available 24/7 all days, and you are not charged for using the MTN free after one shortcode.

Now that we know what the MTN free after 1 service is, let us find out how you can activate or deactivate it. Even before that, let us find out the things you need to deactivate MTN Nkomode.

How Do I Subscribe To The Free After 1 Offer

To successfully subscribe to MTN free after service, follow these basic steps:

1.Kindly dial *550#, which is free after one shortcode on your MTN number

2.Choose option 6 for free after 1

3.The MTN Nkomode menu will be displayed on your screen.

4.Next, select option 1 to Activate

5.Instantly, you will MTN number will be activated for free after one service.

In case you are no longer interested in the service, you can deactivate it. So read below to find out how to deregister from MTN Nkomode.

How To Deactivate MTN Free After One Offer

To deactivate the MTN free after one, please follow these steps below:

1. Kindly dial *550#

2. Choose option 6 for free after one

3. The MTN Nkomode menu will be displayed on your screen.

4. Next, select option 2 to deactivate the service

5. Instantly, you will MTN number will be deactivated for free after 1 service.

That is how to deactivate MTN free after 1.

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Benefits Of Free After 1 Or Nkomode

1. This amazing offer allows you to pay for the first one minutes of your call after you enjoy the rest of that call for free

2. This amazing offer also makes you enjoy 50MB of Facebook after your first call daily.

Disadvantages Of MTN Nkomode Offer

1. This offer works in such a way that once it is 60 minutes of call after the payment of your first minutes, you are automatically disconnected by MTN.
2. It is not good for short-term calls, as your airtime will be charged after every one minute.

How Much Does MTN Charge For The First Minute On Free After One Offer

On the first minute of MTN free after one, MTN charges you 30p, and the rest are free. So, if you have 30pesewas airtime on your phone, you can talk for 1 hour on MTN Nkomode.

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