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The decoration is one key component that helps to produce a successful event. Therefore this article is here to educate our readers on how to start a decor business in South Africa.

Hence, we implore you to keep reading because all the needed information will guide you to make your dream in the decor business become a reality awaits you below in this article.

Decorators play a vital role in any event setting; they are responsible for preparing the event venue, choosing the right colors of the venue, deciding on where to place every item to produce a mind-blowing appearance at the event venue.

The decor business is one of the time-consuming businesses to venture in, so on your journey to launch your decor business, be prepared to devote your time in learning, servicing clients, and giving in all your best effort to deliver on time since events can’t be postponed due to your inability to deliver.

Hence, to keep clients and attract many clients, there is the need always to deliver what was promised and always have to be on time no matter the situation you find yourself in.

The chapters of this guide will feed you with the needed information to guide you on how to start a decor business in South Africa.

What You Will Need To Start A Decor Business In South Africa

A lot goes on backstage before a business commences, therefore to run a decor business in South Africa, the following requirements have to be met:

1. Business Knowledge Acquisition: acquiring the skillset and knowledge in operating a decor business is required to help know what the business is about.

It is advisable to undergo decor training to attain a certificate of completion to prove to customers that they are dealing with an expert and well-trained decor business personnel.

2. Market Research: research into the decor market, get to know where the business is thriving, the conditions that favor and affect the business, and study where most decor operators set up their businesses and try to find out why they choose such places

3. Target Market: choosing a target market to build your business around them is a good decision to make since target markets help reveal where best to set up your decor business for easy reach out by potential customers

4. Business Premises: acquire a leasing shop by agreeing on leasing terms with the shop owner, deposit the rent price into the shop owner’s account and acquire the documents that will stand as proof of legal renting of the shop

Also, upon choosing a shop, ensure that the shop is easy to locate, spacious enough to contain decor materials and equipment, and office space is required to be created at your shop for paper works.

5. Business Website: build a business website for your business. Note that in today’s world, leaving out running of your business online is a missed opportunity

Therefore, showcase your successful stories, pictures, and videos on your business website to help convince potential customers.

Also, your website must have an option that allows customers to book you online without visiting your business premises.

6. Business Registration: register your decor business with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to attain the legal certificate for running your business in South Africa

For tax registration, contact the South African Revenue Service (SARS)

7. Equipment: purchase the necessary and basic decor equipment that will be needed to experiment with any new decor design that is newly learned and also for the decor business operations

8. Networking: to have a breakthrough in the decor business in South Africa, there’s the need to connect with as many event planners as you can find.



Many event planners source out many aspects of events. Therefore creating a network with event planners will attract your business with as many customers as you wish

9. Pricing: set up a good pricing policy for your business, and know that high pricing of your services will drive customers away but rather choose a price range that will keep customers coming back for more and sustain your business

10. Staffing: this is a business that requires more hands to operate, therefore employ hardworking staff who are ready to learn a trade out of the decor business and a passion for the decor business

Also, staff training sections have to be implemented to help gain trust in the services they will be delivered to your customers to keep them coming back for more.

11. Branding: build an attractive brand around your business, push it to stand tall among other decor businesses in South Africa, and give customers reasons why they must come for your service

12. Advertisement: choose advertising platforms that can help sell your business to the South African population effectively at less rate

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Decor Business In South Africa

The startup capital needed to launch a decor business in South Africa might range from as low as R300 – 5,000, making the welcome business investors from all walks of life since one doesn’t need a huge sum of money to invest.

Is The Decor Business Profitable In South Africa

The decor business has always been profitable due to the high marketing demand the business comes with.

When decorators are taken out of the equation during an event setting, we wouldn’t have been wowed at the sight of event venues.

Therefore, choosing the decor business is a good choice of a business that is going to present to you an overwhelming financial profit.

Best Places To Start A Decor Business

The decor business can be operated at every corner of South Africa, but the best option to choose to help cut down the cost is to operate from home.

The business doesn’t require you to rent an office space to run, but all that is needed is to connect with many event planners to get linked to many clients, and clients don’t need to visit your business office for business talks.

Business talks can be done on the phone or in meetings at a nearby welcoming space that is good for business talks.

How To Make A Decor Business Successful In South Africa

If you want to run a successful decor business in South Africa, the following factors have to be considered:

1. Good customer service

2. Delivering on time

3. Deliver what was asked

4. Affordable pricing for your services

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Challenges In The Decor Business In South Africa

The following are some of the challenges faced in the decor business in South Africa:

1. Time management

2. Meeting clients expectations

3. Meeting the modern trends and timeless styles

4. It is difficult to remember to go on break when servicing clients

Benefits Of Setting Up A Decor Business In South Africa

Below are some of the benefits gained from setting up a decor business in South Africa:

1. The business comes with an overwhelming financial profit

2. It generates income for the government through taxation

3. Job creation

4. It has improved and developed events

That is the information we can provide on how to start a decor business in South Africa.

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