How To Contact Jiji Ghana – Contact Number, Email Address, & Social Media

Are you a regular shopper on Jiji? Maybe your orders have delayed and you can no longer track your delivery? Worry not, we have detailed information on how to contact Jiji Ghana customer care for help.

Jiji Ghana is not only for shopping purposes. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and company can post their ads to a wide range of Jiji customers.


So, there is a huge opportunity on Jiji you can tap into, however, if you are a corporate body it is imperative you reach out to Jiji for more details.

The good news is that we have dedicated this guide to give details and step-by-step guidelines on how to contact the Jiji customer support center.

Jiji is available for companies and individuals who are 18 years and above but can also be used by minors under the supervision of parents.

The good user interface of the platform helps businesses to operate with ease.

Jiji Ghana provides various security tips to its users to help prevent any form of irregularities in the business transaction.

Also, Jiji Ghana provides premium services to users who wish to earn more by helping them reach about 15X customers compared to free users. The platform has created space businesses like:

⦁ Vehicles

⦁ Property

⦁ Mobile phones

⦁ Electronics

⦁ Home, furniture, and appliances

⦁ Health and beauty

⦁ Fashion

⦁ Sports

⦁ Arts and outdoors

⦁ Seeking work

⦁ Services

⦁ Jobs

⦁ Babies and kids

⦁ Animals and pets

⦁ Agriculture and food

⦁ Commercial equipment and tools

⦁ Repair and construction

If your concern is to make queries before using the platform, then the right source to contact is Jiji Ghana.

This is because they have in-depth knowledge about their services and will be the right representative to assist you.

How To Contact Jiji Ghana

Contacting Jiji Ghana has not been an easy task for many users, but in today’s guide, we are going to help you know how to contact Jiji Ghana.

Jiji Ghana has provided various mediums of communication where users can make their queries to receive immediate attention.

Some of this medium of contacting Jiji Ghana include:

1. Email

2. Social Media

How To Contact Jiji Ghana Through Email

One of the best ways of making your queries to Jiji Ghana is through email.

Using email allows you to simplify your queries and relax for a reply through your email.

Registered and unregistered members of the Jiji platform can contact the company through this email:

How To Contact Jiji Ghana Through Social Media

Contacting Jiji Ghana through social is one of the best options to make your queries to the company.

However, one has to ensure that they are contacting the official social media handles of the company to prevent the wrong contact to unauthorized accounts in the companies name.

Below is a list of the official social media handles of Jiji Ghana:

⦁ Facebook:

⦁ Instagram:

⦁ Twitter:

⦁ Youtube:

That is the information we have on how to contact Jiji Ghana.

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