How To Contact ECG Ghana – Contact Numbers, Address, & Email

Are you having issues with your prepaid meter? Maybe you want to apply for a new meter, and even you are having electrical faults in your area, then it is significant you contact ECG Ghana.

This guide has been purposely dedicated to enlightening our readers on how to contact Electriciy Company of Ghana.

Therefore we entreat you to keep reading for the contact information of ECG Ghana is discussed below in this guide.

Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is the name behind the sustainable and reliable electricity supply for the development of Ghana.

ECG Ghana was founded in the year 1963. Even though a part of the firm’s shares has been sold, but it’s still owned by the Government of Ghana.

The company provides the services of distribution and sales of electricity to the Ghanaian public and businesses.

The introduction of prepaid vendors and smart purchase of electricity has made the company a more reliable source to get electricity at any time of convenience.

What is your query to Electricity  Company Ghana?

Bill payment, inquiries on pre-paid vendor business, faulty meter at home or business premises, check on the availability of a prepaid meter for your business operation are some of your concerns to ECG Ghana.

Then don’t look elsewhere for answers because ECG Ghana is the sole entity to can feed you with accurate information on your queries.

Head Office Of ECG Ghana

The head office of ECG Ghana can be located in Accra, and to make physical contact with the office or to make your queries through the post office, use the address below.

Electro-Volta House, Accra, Ghana

Postal Address: P. O. Box 521

Ways To Contact ECG Ghana

ECG Ghana has made provisions for several communication channels that the Ghanaian public can pass through to reach out to the company for query make.

Below is a list of available communication channels provided by ECG Ghana:

1. Customer Care

2. Email

3. Social Media

What Is The Contact Number Of ECG Ghana

If you want to make queries to ECG Ghana, it is better to make your queries in a verbal form for a quicker response and direct answer.

Below are the contact numbers of ECG Ghana customer care:

⦁ Help Center: +233 302 611 611

⦁ Telephone: +233 (302) 676727-47

What Is The Email Address Of ECG Ghana

ECG Ghana is always ready to accept and respond to your queries anytime to reach out to them.

Here are the official email addresses of ECG Ghana:



How To Contact ECG Ghana On Social Media

Reach out to ECG Ghana through the company’s official social media handles listed below:

1. Facebook:

2. Twitter:

3. Instagram:

Website Of ECG Ghana

Access the ECG Ghana website to enlighten yourself on how to pay bills, buy prepaid credit, and many other features of the site.

That is all we have for you on how to contact ECG Ghana.

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