How To Change DStv Package – Upgrade Or Downgrade Your Dstv Account

DSTV Multichoice Africa has various entertainment channels that entertain sports, documentaries, news, reality shows, etc. The multiple channels present a subscriber with options to either upgrade or downgrade the DSTV package depending on their needs and taste. Therefore we are going to show you how to change DStv package

Changing the package is very simple. DSTV Premium, DSTV Compact plus, DSTV Compact, DSTV Family, and DSTV Access are the packages that DSTV offers to the customer.

Below are clear guidelines on how to change a DSTV package:

How you can upgrade or downgrade your DSTV subscription to change your package

The following are steps on how to upgrade or downgrade a DSTV package in Africa.

  • You can either upgrade or downgrade a DSTV package through an online portal platform.
  • You can also use the DSTV app to upgrade or downgrade
  • Use of USSD code or an SMS is also an effective way to change the DSTV package
  • Whatsapp platform also enables one to change a DSTV package

How to change a DSTV package in Africa

Below are steps to follow if you need to upgrade or downgrade DSTV online:

  • Using your phone or a computer, visit this website
  • A page will display; click on login to proceed.
  • You then enter the mobile number you used in the registration of your DSTV or your surname.
  • You then type your DSTV smart card number, check if the details are correct. 
  • Click on the login button.
  • You will be then notified on the dashboard of your account information and the services you have subscribed to.
  • You then click on the change package button, select a package you want, and either upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs.
  • Lastly, click on next, and the package will immediately change.

How to upgrade or downgrade a DSTV package through MyDstv APP

Follow the simple steps below if you need to change the DSTV package through the MyDstv app.

  • Install myDstv app on your phone from the play store
  • Open the Dstv app to proceed.
  • Type your correct mobile number
  • Then type in your surname 0n your account profile.
  • Select the login button to change the package
  • Then click on view all the packages, mark the current packages,
  • Then click on the change package now button.
  • Select the bouquet you want to upgrade or downgrade
  • Choose on the Next button, and you receive a notification of the changes that have been made. And there, you will have the desired changes.

How to upgrade or downgrade DSTV package through Whatsapp?

The following are the steps to follow if you want to change your DSTV package through WhatsApp:

  1.  Using any browser on your phone, visit https://www,
  2. Select your country from the countries given on the website
  3. Then click on a WhatsApp icon on the upper corner of the website
  4. Select open with WhatsApp, and a chat box will appear with a default message ‘hi DSTV.’
  5. then click enter to send the message
  6. You will then get a text message asking you to enter your smart card number
  7. Enter the smart card number as instructed
  8. You will be needed to enter your phone number or your surname
  9. After you have entered the phone number or surname, click on the change package button
  10. Click on the option you wish to access, then choose either upgrading or downgrading
  11. Click on yes to confirm, and there you will be notified of the change

Can one upgrade DSTV for one day

It is impossible to upgrade DSTV just for a day.

This is because the system detects the difference in dates from the current subscription until it expires and you pay the subscription fee.

How to upgrade the DSTV package online

DSTV package can be upgraded online through DSTV self-service portal, through the website of the WhatsApp platform.

How long does it take to upgrade the DSTV package?

It takes the shortest time to upgrade the DSTV package as it is one of the most straightforward processes.

Immediately you submit the details, you receive a notification on the change, and there you have the desired change.

Can I downgrade my DSTV?

You can downgrade your DSTV from any higher package to a lower one.

Can a DSTV subscription be upgraded?

Sure, it is possible to upgrade the DSTV subscription to a higher package at any given time.

It is easy, and it’s more advantageous as it contains more entertainment features than the lower packages.

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