How To Start A Dry Cleaning Business In Uganda – Simple Business Tips

The dry cleaning business is one lucrative business that anyone can start, provided they have the right guide, capital, and employees. Many people prefer taking their clothes to a dry cleaner as they have a busy schedule the whole day.

This is very beneficial to the dry cleaning business owners hence making the business lucrative and profitable.

Equipment needed to open a dry cleaning business

To start a dry cleaning business, one will need to buy equipment to be able to offer the services. Some of the equipment one may need to buy include;

1. Washers and dryers- the size depends on the amount of capital one has to start with.

2. Cleaning chemicals- One will also need stain removers, detergents, and also leather cleaners for jackets and leathers.

3. Presses- which serve the same purpose as iron boxes, only that they are larger.

4. Hangers-to hang the clothes

5. Garment Coverings

6. Racks

7. Sorting bins

8. Tags

How much does it cost to start a dry cleaning business?

Starting a cleaning business will require one to have a budget for all the items they need to buy and the rent of the space.

Also one should put in mind the cost of wages and electricity and water supply. In approximation, one may need around 7 million Uganda shillings.

Steps to start a profitable dry cleaning business in Uganda

To start a successful business in Uganda, one has to do things and the necessary permits one has to acquire. Some of the steps are as below;

  1. The first step is to know the type of business you want to start and acquire a unique business name.
  2. The next step is to register your company with the Register Company and later be issued with the certificate of registration. Register your dry cleaning business with the local authorities in your area. This makes potential clients trust the business and also helps the business run smoothly. After registration, you will obtain a trading license from the URSB- Uganda Registration Services Burial. When registering your business, you will be required to;

a) Search for a unique name for your dry cleaning business

b) Register the business and get a certificate of incorporation

c) Getting a taxpayer identification number

d) Acquiring a trading license

  2. Acquire all the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health and Fire Department. This ensures the safety of your employees as well as yours and also the consumer’s safety.
  3. Register with the local authorities to get a trading license or operating permits.
  4. For Tax, purposes register with the Uganda Revenue Authority. Once you register a dry cleaning business in Uganda, you will be given a Tax Identification Number that will be like your account number.

Tips to start a dry cleaning business in Uganda

  1. Have a business plan that you will follow to the latter. It will help you manage your finances and not overspend.
  2. Advertise your business using posters and even on social media platforms. Tell your friends to tell other friends so that your business can grow.
  3. Study the strengths and weaknesses of other businesses in the same field as yours and get to know how they work with them.
  4. Look for a location with the target market. Urban places, near town centers, and shopping malls are some of the best places to start almost any business. The place should also be easily accessible.
  5. Offer delivery service at a small fee to help your customers get their goods on time.

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