How To Start A Poultry Business In Uganda – Business Ideas

The poultry business involves the rearing of birds either for eggs or meat. It is a quite lucrative business and requires dedication and hard work. 

The poultry business is quite lucrative and profitable as the meat and eggs are in high demand. Some of the birds that one can rear in a poultry farm include;

  1. Chickens
  2. Turkeys
  3. Geese
  4. Quail
  5. Guinea fowl
  6. Ducks

How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Uganda?

To start a poultry farm, one needs a fair amount of capital. This may need an approximation of about 13 million Ugandan shillings. There are certainly other important things to consider, such as poultry feed, construction of the farm, lighting, and even the poultry feeders.

Requirements to start a poultry business in Uganda

  1. The first and most obvious requirement is enough capital. The capital is essential in stocking the business, paying rent and licenses, and business permits. Make sure to take a loan if your savings are not enough.
  2. The next step is to acquire the necessary business permits from the Uganda authorities as well as health and fire certificates that ensure your business is safe to run.
  3. Make sure to pay your rent on time to avoid business disturbances.
  4. One can also hire security to help ensure your business and customers are safe as they drink.

Tips to start a successful poultry business in Uganda

  1. Make a business plan to help you manage the funds of the poultry farm and be able to run and operate the farm.
  2. Research to figure out what other poultry farmers do to have a successful business. Learn their strengths and weaknesses as well.
  3. Choose a suitable location that has potential customers and is to your liking and budget. Look at the design of the building, and it should also be easily accessible to customers.
  4. Hire competent employees who know how to run and manage a poultry business. 
  5. Advertise your business both on social media and using friends. This will bring in more customers.

How much profit does a poultry farmer make?

For most farmers, the profits range between 7 million to 10 million Uganda shillings per month. The profits come from the sale of chicken meat and eggs from the layers.

With more demand for eggs and chicken meat, the farmers continue making more profits day in day out.

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