Ecobank ATM – How To Apply For Ecobank Ghana ATM Card Online

Are you seeking how to apply for Ecobank Ghana ATM Card Online? You are in the right place and we shall give you all the guidelines here.

In the digital world of today, joining long queues at the bank premises for their products and services is quite tiring, and one needs to adopt banking online.

Therefore, this article is going to serve as an educating guide to our readers on how to apply for Ecobank ATM Card online.

So, we strongly implore you to keep reading because all the requirements and procedures involved to apply for Ecobank ATM Card online are discussed below in this article.

The banking sector has indeed come a long way, and today many services can be enjoyed online without visiting the bank premises. One can bank online, controlling and managing your finances from your place of convenience.

The introduction of mobile banking by some financial institutions is another huge breakthrough that has made banking attractive.

The ATM cards issued by banks have played a major role in making the banking sector attract many customers because people hate spending a whole day in a queue at a bank premise just to make a transaction.

What Is Ecobank Ghana ATM Card

The Ecobank ATM Card is a bank card that the bank issues to customers who hold an account with the institution to help make withdrawals and banking transactions through the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at any point in time.

Who Qualifies To Apply For Ecobank Ghana ATM Card

To qualify to apply for Ecobank Ghana ATM Card, you must be an Ecobank account holder to help link your bank account to your ATM Card.

Therefore, if you need an Ecobank ATM card without you being an account holder at the bank, create an account with Ecobank and proceed to process your ATM card online.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Ecobank ATM Card In Ghana

When your Ecobank ATM Card application form is delivered to the institution for processing, it barely takes Seven (7) working days for your ATM card to be ready for issues.

However, sometimes it may take more or less than that, so in such cases exercise patient.

Requirements To Apply For Ecobank ATM Card Online In Ghana

Before you start with the process involved to apply for your ATM Card online, it will be beneficial to provide the following basic requirements to help attain a successful application of the Ecobank ATM Card online:

1. A smartphone, Tablet, or Computer

2. Active Internet Connectivity

3. Active Ecobank Account

The Required Documents To Apply For Ecobank ATM Card Online

The list below are the necessary documents that are to be uploaded when applying for Ecobank ATM Card online:

1. Customer Photo

Personal photo/Selfie

2. Identification Documents

An International Passport Or National ID

3. Other Documents

A copy of your salary domiciliation letter

A copy of your previous three salary slips

A working certificate

A copy of your employment contract

4. Proofs Of Residence Documents

A hard copy of your water or electricity bill

Residence certificate

How To Apply For Ecobank Ghana ATM Card Online

Follow the steps below to apply for Ecobank ATM Card online:

1. Visit the Ecobank account registration website by clicking on this link

2. On the account registration page, click on the Login button beneath the Apply Now button

3. Type in your account login details to access your account

4. In your account, click on products

5. Then, in the products options, choose credit cards

6. You’ll be presented with the credit cards you can apply for

7. Click on the Apply Now button next to the choice of card you want to apply for

8. A new screen pops up indicating your documents required to help apply for ATM Card online, then scroll down to locate and click on the Apply now button

9. The first stage on the card application page, upload all the required documents

10. Scroll down to locate and click on the Next button

11. On the second stage, choose your application type

12. Click on Next

13. On the final stage, type in your personal information with accurate answers as required

14. Click on the Apply Now button

That is the information we can provide on how to apply for Ecobank Ghana ATM Card online.

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