How Much Is UBA Prepaid Card, Know How Much To Pay

Nigerian UBA prepaid card is accepted on all payment platforms; all you need to do is load your prepaid card with as much money as possible.

You can travel anywhere and shop online as much as you can while making online payments using your card, more reason why you need a prepaid card.

Features of UBA bank prepaid card

The features of a Prepaid card make life very interesting; this includes

  • Access to protected Web/POS payments 
  • Acceptable on ATMs globally and locally
  • An alternative to clumsy cash
  • It is secure and not connected to your business account.

UBA bank prepaid card benefits

  • manage your expenses better
  • super awesome for budgeting

There is a cost for getting a UBA bank Nigeria card, and the price differs according to the type of card.

UBA Naira Prepaid Card

Fee type                                                                    Applicable Fee

Issuance fee                                                               N 1,000(VAT Exclusive.)

Quarterly card maintenance fee                               N50 (VAT Exclusive)

SMS Alert                                                                   N4

Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee                                N35(After first free three withdrawals on banks.                                                                                  ATM terminals within a month)

International ATM Withdrawal fee                            N1200

OCT Inflow (Original Credit Transaction                1.5% of transaction Inflow amount. (VAT 

 from platforms such as PayPal.                                Exclusive)

International Transactions (ATM, POS,WEB)        FX Rate Applies.

UBA Dollar Prepaid Card 

  • There are no hidden charges and foreign conversions. You pay what you see.
  • With a UBA Dollar Prepaid, you can subscribe to Apple, Music, Deezer, Netflix, and other streaming sites.
  • You can also put money on your PTA/BTA on your Dollar Prepaid Card to use on international ATMs, POS terminals, and online.

BTA- Business travel allowance PTA- Personal Travel Allowance.

USD Prepaid Card

Fee Type                                                                      Applicable Fee

Issuance fee                                                               $ 3.15(VAT Exclusive.)

Annual card Convenience Fee                                 $20 (VAT Exclusive)

SMS Alert                                                                  $ 0.01

International ATM Withdrawal fee                            $0.6% of Transaction Amount Subject to a                                                                                                                                                     .                                                              .                   Minimum of $3.5 per ATM withdrawal (VAT.                              .                                                                                 Exclusive)                                                                             

OCT Inflow (Original Credit Transaction                1.5% of transaction Inflow amount. (VAT 

 from platforms such as PayPal.                                Exclusive)

It is always good to be in the know-how much your prepaid card costs.

What is the cost of the UBA Prepaid card in Nigeria?

The Prepaid card has different costs depending on the type of prepaid card.

The naira prepaid card is paid for using Naira, and the Dollar prepaid card is paid for using US dollars.

The breakdown for the payment is found in the above article.

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