How Can I Use UBA Visa Card, Follow This Guide

A Nigerian UBA Visa card is a payment card that uses the Visa network and is branded by Visa.

Many businesses accept it in most parts of the world.

The visa card can be a debit card, prepaid card, gift card, or credit card.

A different financial institution usually issues it.

It only takes a day to acquire a non-personalized UBA Visa Africard, while it will take a week or less to obtain a personalized UBA Visa Africard in Nigeria. 

The UBA Visa card costs at least N2,000 Naira.

Requirements To Get a Visa Card In Nigeria?

These documents are not different from the ones for opening an account. Which are:

  • An identity card.
  • Two passport photographs.
  • A utility Bill
  • Money to fund and pay for your card.

How To Fund The UBA Visa Africard

There are two ways to load your Visa card:

  • UBA mobile application. Just add a new account on your mobile app. Now you can transfer funds between both your accounts and make all your transactions.
  • Over the counter. Simply walk into the nearest UBA bank and talk to the customer representative to load your card.

The Uses of a UBA Card

These are the functions of a Visa Card

  • Making purchases for goods and services wherever the Visa logo appears (Web, POS).
  • Withdrawals at any Visa-enabled ATMs.

Why The UBA Visa Card?

  • It is your shopping card; The Visa card is exceptionally flexible and easy to use. You enjoy the comfort of paying your purchases directly from your bank account without the hustle of carrying any cash. Your card and transactions are truly secured with the best card technology.
  • Dual currency: a Visa card includes making purchases over the internet anytime the Visa or V-Pay is spotted. 

What Are The Uses Of A UBA Visa Card?

The UBA Visa card has two main functions: making purchases online and withdrawing at Visa-enabled ATMs. 

It facilitates the cashless lifestyle!

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