How Do I Link My Paypal To UBA Africard

Do you want to know how to link your UBA Africard to your Paypal account? Here is a guide with full details on that.

Previously, we defined an Africard as a flexible Bankcard only issued
by the UBA bank of Nigeria to improve transactions in as many fields as possible.

The Africard is also called the Prepaid Card. This card comes as a visa card and is not connected to your primary bank account.

It is actually a stand-alone card that can handle and transact funds independently without connecting to your primary bank account.

The good news is, that you can own the Africard even without owning a bank account with UBA bank. 

How Does The Africard Work?

The card will help you check your online transaction history.

In a nutshell, the card is just a bank on its own. The card comes in two types; International Low or International High Africard. 

Also, the International Low has a small transaction limit, while the International High has a bigger transaction limit.

Each of these cards has its unique requirements for application. For instance, funds in and funds out and many more like checking your balance and buying airtime just with the card since it comes with its number.

Requirements For Linking A PayPal Account To UBA Africard

Here are the main requirements to link your PayPal account to UBA Africard:

  • PayPal account Nigeria
  • Africard

 How Do I Link My PayPal Account To UBA Africard?

In a previous article, we discussed how to add PayPal to your card using the PayPal app. 

In this UBA PayPal article, we will discuss how to link PayPal to UBA Africard during transactions and, to be specific, during withdrawals and deposits. 

These are the simple steps to follow:

  • Get the africard from Any UBA branch
  • Load the Card with At least $2
  • Activate your card for online use
  • Add your card to your PayPal account
  • You can now link to PayPal deposit and withdraw to your card

When you connect your card with pay pal you may come across two types of errors:

  1. Insufficient funds: an alert comes to your email or phone number that you used to register your account. 
  2. This means you need to add more money to your prepaid card.
  3. Inactive Card: For this case, you might need to get back to the bank so that they can work it out for you. 
  4. It means you have not yet activated your card, and the bank can only resolve this.

Can I Withdraw And Deposit From Africard To PayPal And From PayPal To Africard?

Yes, you need to add your card to your PayPal account and enjoy these services.

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