How Do I Activate My UBA Prepaid Card, Follow This Procedure

Do you want to know how to activate your UBA Prepaid Card? Kindly read this guide.

The UBA Prepaid card is a reloadable card that can get funds, pay bills, and buy goods and services online.

The good news is that the Nigerian UBA prepaid card can be used from anywhere in the world.

It is one of the Visa cards that have international acceptance in over 200 countries around the globe. 

The UBA prepaid card in Nigeria has outstanding features that make it unique from a debit card.

The Most conspicuous part is that this Card does not need a bank account to function.

It is available in different currencies such as Naira, USD, GBP, and Yen variants.

One can only own one at any given time. The Card expires after 36 months.

Benefits of The UBA Prepaid Card

  • Speed
  • Safe and secure to use for shopping
  • Easy replacement
  • Worldwide presence and access
  • It can be a gift
  • It can be a salary card
  • Personalized outlook
  • It can be an expense card

How To Activate UBA Prepaid Card

Activating your Prepaid Card gives you access to the POS terminal, Web, ATM, and other transactional platforms.

At the time of the UBA Prepaid card activation, you will be able to enable your pin.

Immediately you receive your Card, take time to activate it. This is how you will follow through with this:

  • At the onset, you will be given a sealed envelope that contains your Card. 
  • Open it and find your Card?
  • Visit the nearest ATM 
  • You will find two activation codes for both ATM and on the web transactions.
  • Insert your prepaid Card into the ATM and press the change pin option
  • Fundamental in the ATM is the pin you would have found in the envelope, then change it to a personalized four-digit pin that you can easily remember. 
  • It is similar to the first-time activation of a regular debit card.
  • After that, you now move to the web and set it up with a personalized pin you can easily remember. 
  • The web option of this prepaid Card helps you track all transactions and bank balances.

Congratulations!! You are now all set up for transactions, and the activation will make you enjoy the prepaid card services anywhere and anytime.

Can I Activate My Prepaid Card On My Own?

Yes, actually, that is the only available option. All you need are the two activation pins for the ATM and Web, and you can proceed to change them to your preferred pins, which we call self-activation.

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