How Do I Know My MTN Momo Name – Follow These Steps

We always undergo authentication procedures whenever we use MTN mobile money service, but most people do not know what this is.

Well, in today’s guide, we will be discussing one of the significant elements in MTN mobile money authentication, the MTN MoMo name.

This guide will help you on how you can know your MoMo name.
Is it even important to know your mobile money name?

Someone might have said. It is, of course, important to be aware of what your MoMo name is.

This helps you to carry out secured MTN mobile money transactions. You do not guess whenever you make MoMo transactions.

Your MTN Mobile Money name, together with your MoMo PIN code, is what is most need to ensure a safe transaction.

What Is MTN MoMo Name

MoMo name is the name that was on the identification document and you used in registering your MoMo account. In instances where you have forgotten this name, do not be dismayed.

Your MTN Mobile Money name will still appear when depositing into your MoMo wallet or when someone transfers your money to your MoMo wallet.

Requirements To Check Your MTN Mobile Money Name

Checking your mobile money name is a very easy and quick process. To check your MoMo name, make sure these requirements are in place.

•Your mobile phone

•Registered MTN MoMo SIM card to access your account

•MTN signal, which is fair or strong.

How Do I Know My MTN MoMo Name

Below are the steps to follow to know your MTN mobile money name:

1. Dial the USSD code *170# with your phone

2. Select option 6 (My wallet) from the list of services available on the mobile money menu and send

3. Enter (#) to view the next page

4. Choose option 10 (name and next of kin)

5. This will display your mobile money wallet name and next of kin on your phone screen.

Can I Check My MoMo Name From A MoMo Agent

The MTN mobile money agent outlet is another way of checking your MoMo name. This is because all transactions carried out at their outlet reveals the MoMo name of the receiver.

When one sends money or your name, you make a deposit or withdraw.

What Is The Code To Check Your MoMo Name

All MTN mobile money users can use the general code for all MoMo operations, which is *170#, to check their MoMo Name. All you need to do is dial the code and follow the steps outlined earlier.

Can I Check My MoMo Name From Someone’s Account

Yes, your MoMo name can be checked from another MoMo user’s account. This can be done by requesting the user to transfer your money, and just before the subscriber will enter an MM PIN to confirm the transaction, your MoMo will appear on the user’s phone.

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