Here Is How You Can Use MTN Momo Pay In Ghana

MTN MoMo pay provides a simple way of making payments for goods and services. Its usage has become widely known among the Ghanaian populace.

In this guide, our goal is to know how you can use MoMoPay and other essential information about the MTN MoMo pay platform.

With our 17.5million subscribers and still counting, MTN has ceased its pursuit to give its subscribers interesting packages on the MTN MoMo platform.

The usage of MoMo pay has reduced the demerits that come with having physical cash with you.

It has translated the borders of physical cash and has made money now wireless. Just with your phone and other vital requirements, you are good to use MTN MoMo pay.

What Is MoMoPay

MoMoPay is a financial service specifically for rendering payments of products or services by using your mobile phone, which is recognized for carrying out MTN mobile money operations.

This payment service has made payment easier and faster.

How Do You Use MTN MoMoPay In Ghana

As already said, the usage of MoMoPay is easier. It does not take much time than following queues to make payment of items. Follow the steps below if you need to use MoMoPay:

1. Please, dial *170# on your mobile phone

2. Select option 2 (MoMoPay and Pay bills) from the menu and send

3. Go for option 1 (MoMoPay) and send

4. Enter the merchant ID correctly and send

5. Input the amount to be paid

6. Review the details of the transaction, like the correct merchant name and payment amount.

7. Enter your MoMo PIN code to confirm the transaction

8. Immediately, an SMS will be sent to your phone, notifying you of the payment made.

Requirements To Use MTN MoMoPay In Ghana

MoMoPay service is not available for everyone. To know whether or not you qualify to use the MoMoPay service, kindly make sure you meet all the requirements below. These requirements are:

•Mobile phone

•MTN network signal

•Merchant ID

•Mobile money account with adequate cash to make payment

•Mobile money transaction PIN

After ensuring you meet all the requirements, you can proceed to use the MTN MoMoPay service at any time when needed.

How Much Does MTN Charge To Use MoMoPay

Most people say the usage of MoMoPay is free. No, its usage for payment is not free. It is just that the charge deducted is too little.

Using MoMoPay will attract the following charges:
•0.2% of the payment amount for payment ranging from Gh¢1.00 to Gh¢50.00

•Payments above Gh¢1000.00 attract Gh¢2.00 of the payment amount.

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