How Do I Enable Uba Mobile App, Please Follow These Steps

Ofdften most people ask how do i enable UBA mobile app, and in this guide we shall show you the right way to do it.

UBA a technology-driven organization, and it provides advanced mobile banking (U-Mobile) experience to its clients with UBA mobile app.

With U-mobile, you can perform your online transaction without visiting the bank.

This app is one among the many apps produced by the company precisely to make you carry out your UBA internet banking with ease.

Interestingly, the app is available on Android and iOS, so you can conduct your UBA online banking on your iPhones, tablets, laptops, and Android devices, and any browser you have on your laptop or phone.

It is much easier to log complaints with the customer support unit at your bank with the UBA app.

Also, you can block your ATM cards whenever you suspect a fraudulent transaction.

Moreover, you can get an account statement with the app within the shortest time possible.

And most importantly, you can recharge your phone and transfer funds to both UBA and non-UBA accounts.

Lastly, you can do a UBA money transfer with ease and from anywhere.

How to enable UBA mobile app 

So, how do you enable your UBA mobile app? There is nothing to worry about once you have a compatible device.

You only need a strong internet connection to get it done!

To enjoy online banking services like UBA mobile money transfer, you need to enable your UBA app, and here are few steps to get started:

  • Download the app and launch at once
  • As a new user, select “register” and your country. Select Nigeria from the list.
  • Choose the registration option. And here, we have three options, enroll with a UBA card, secure pass, and branch activation code. Among the options, the ideal choice is “enroll with UBA.”

Features of UBA mobile app

Time-efficient: everything, including logging in, is simple, provided your device is compatible.

ATM & branch allocator: with the app, you can easily access ATM spots and nearby UBA branches.

Quick selection: this makes it easy to select phone numbers from your contact list for airtime top-ups.

More intuitive: this enhances easy access to products.

Quick navigation: this can be achieved through the sliding menu available on sessions.

OTP automation: you’ll receive your one-time password during the transaction through an SMS.

Auto reminders: this is mainly for bills payments and transfers.

Final thoughts

UBA is an advancing financial institution with great experience for its clients.

It offers remarkable services to customers as it evolves. It even goes to the extent of providing an extraordinary experience through a new mobile app (UBA app).

UBA mobile app is for individuals like you and I, who have no time to visit the bank. 

Additionally, if you hate queuing in the crowd, this is an ideal alternative for you.

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