CBG Flex Current Account, Benefits, Requirements & How To Open

Consolidated Bank Ghana provides various current accounts for its customers. One of them we will be discussing in today’s guide is the CBG Flex Current account.

In this guide, all your questions regarding the Consolidated Bank Flex Current account will be addressed. 

To begin with, the CBG flex account gives the exact definition of what a simple and fast banking experience should be.

Flex Current account is in two categories, the gold and classic package. It is available for persons of age 18 years and above. Unlike the CBG Classic current account, this account cannot be purchased in foreign currency.

It has numerous benefits available for all who open it, but earning interest on this account is not part.

With improved services at the various Consolidated Bank branches in Ghana, free experience bundles, and insurance facilities, among others.

The Flex Current account offers you all the flexibility you need for banking.

You have 24/7 hours of access to your account when you request to be enrolled on the CBG mobile banking platform.

The Flex Current account provides its holders free access to a checkbook once after opening the account, a free ATM debit card, and access to loans and insurance packages.

Customers do not pay for these insurance packages; they are embedded in the Flex Current account package.

With the Flex Current account, withdrawals have no limit, although there are monthly charges associated with running the account.

What Is CBG Flex Current Account

CBG Flex’s current account is one of the current account types at Consolidated Bank Ghana that provides customers with constant access to their funds anytime and anywhere. The Flex account gives you this and much more.

All who open this account are open to a wide range of benefits, including easy access to credit facilities at CBG bank.

Benefits of CBG Flex Current Account

Some of the benefits of the CBG Flex account include:

  • Free access to 1st chequebook
  • Expedite services
  • Free ATM debit card
  • Access to CBG credit facilities
  • Embedded insurance package
  • Free E-Xperience bundles

Requirements To Open CBG Flex Current Account

The following are what you will need to open this account:

  • A valid National ID (passport, Voter’s ID, National ID, Driver’s license)
  • Proof of residence 
  • Ghana Post GPS Address
  • One passport-size picture
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Foreign nationals will require a residence permit.
  • The minimum opening balance for flex current account 
  • Fully completed account opening form

How Much Do I Need to Open a CBG Flex Current Account

You need a minimum opening balance of GHS 100.00 to start a flex account at any Consolidated Bank branch in Ghana.

It does not mean you can’t deposit more than GHS 100.00 when registering for it. This account type does not operate in foreign currencies.

What Is CBG Flex Current Account Withdrawal Limit

The flex current account has no limit for withdrawals. This means its account holders are open to a limitless number of withdrawals and withdrawal amounts. However, these withdrawals come with a charge.

How Much Is Charge Monthly on CBG Flex Current Account

This account is categorized into two (2), the gold and classic packages. There is a monthly service charge of GHS 25.00 allocated for those who sign up for the classic package, whilst the gold package is charged a monthly service fee of GHS 30.00. 

The Flex Current account is one of the best current accounts you can find because of the flexibility that comes with operating it.

To find out more about the CBG Flex Current account, visit the CBG bank website via cbg.com.gh.

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