How Can I Get UBA Whatsapp Number, Find Out Below

Whatsapp platform has been in existence for decades, serving over 1.5 billion people in more than 180 billion countries. However, it has not been a common trend in business activities.

Adjudicated to be the leader in innovation and convenient banking, the united bank of Africa (UBA) is one of the first financial organizations to employ a Finacle 10x Automation Banking. This advanced technology boosts its service and electronic banking channels.   

United Bank of Africa (UBA) has always been looking for new ways to make banking activities transparent and convenient.

It is the bank of choice for businesses across the African continent. Additionally, it facilitates inter-and-intra-African trade making it the sought financial institution in Nigeria and across the African continent.

UBA is currently live, and customers can now carry out their banking activities on the WhatsApp platform.

UBA does not provide a direct interaction through WhatsApp. However, it offers robotic support, Leo, which gives clients immediate feedback.

With Leo, WhatsApp users can perform basic banking activities such as checking their balances, transferring funds, bills payment, and much more.

With all these benefits and realistic goals, we can’t afford to ignore UBA chatbank.

With that as the reason, we must find ways to engage ourselves in this trend.

So, how do you get the UBA WhatsApp number?

Facebook page

UBA Facebook account is a means used to reach out to a wide range of customers at any given time. So, you can visit and request a UBA WhatsApp number.

UBA Twitter handle

You can also visit the UBA Twitter page for your request. is the link to direct you to their page.

UBA Instagram page

You can also visit their Instagram page through and make your request.

UBA YouTube

You can make your request through any of the UBA bank video clips on

UBA email address

You can request a UBA WhatsApp number through their official email address

With all these means of interaction, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is post your request on any of the above social platforms, and you’ll be attended in a matter of minutes. You can also use these social platforms to contact customer care if you have issues related to your account. For sure, you’ll get support by contacting the group through the above channels.  

Looking for a UBA WhatsApp number is the best thing you’d have ever done.

The WhatsApp application is currently the best messaging app.

Due to its flexibility, you can carry out your basic banking activities by simply chatting with Leo.

Leo is a WhatsApp virtual banker. It is usually in the form of a conversation where you give your banking instruction, and Leo executes by interacting with the UBA banking system.

Furthermore, this artificial intelligence allows you to perform banking activities via WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

So, if you’ve been looking for UBA customer care service or a UBA WhatsApp number, you are on the right article. With any of the above channels, you can get instant support and feedback.      

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