What Is The Swift Code Of Consolidated Bank, Find It Below

Are you looking for CBG SWIFT Code? If yes, then this guide is what you need. In this guide, you will be provided with what the SWIFT code for Consolidated Bank Ghana is.

Bank SWIFT code is also known as BIC, Bank Identifiers Code. 

The Consolidated Bank Ghana SWIFT code is a vital parameter in inter-bank money transfer. Without the code, it will be very difficult to transfer money from a CBG bank account to another bank account. 

Society for Worldwide Inter banking Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code provides essential information on the destination bank.

It helps locate the country, identify the bank and verify the account before a transaction is made.

This monitors financial insecurity, especially when you are transferring a huge sum of money. Also, the BIC helps in exchanging messages between banks.

CBG Ghana also undertakes interbank transfers for its customers using the SWIFT code/BIC together with other interbank financial transfers. 

What Is The Consolidated Bank SWIFT Code

CBG BIC/SWIFT code is UBGHGHACXXX. It comprises eleven (11) alphabets. The first four (4) letters denote the bank’s name or the bank’s code, the following two (2) represent the country’s code, the next two letters stand for the location code, and last three (3) letters represent the bank branch.

Does All CBG Branches Have SWIFT Code

No, CBG Ghana had only one BIC/SWIFT code for all their branches in Ghana. This, however, does not deny the inter-bank financial transaction at any Consolidated Bank branch in Ghana.

CBG Ghana has channels through which it ensures other branches benefit from this service.

Can I Use Consolidated Bank SWIFT Code For Any Of Their Branches

Yes, once you provide the SWIFT code for CBG Ghana and the correct details for the fund transfer, you are good to carry out the transaction under secured conditions. 

The CBG SWIFT code in Ghana represents CBG Ghana anywhere around the world.

Hence, you can use it no matter where your branch is, but in cases where there is a SWIFT Code/BIC for your branch, it will be preferable to use that one.

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