Embassy Of Canada In Kenya – Canadian High Commission, Nairobi

The Canada Embassy in Kenya is the largest Canadian Mission in Africa, and it was established in 1963 during Kenya Independence.

Since the existence of the Canadian High Commission, the relationship between Canada and Kenya has become one of the most robust foreign relations Kenya has ever experienced.

It is overwhelming, as the relationship between the two countries has presented an enormous opportunity to Kenya and their country as a whole.

Therefore, if you are a Kenyan, reading this article, I implore you to use this overwhelming advantage in front of you.

The Canada Diplomatic Mission in Kenya has a core obligation to convey information between the two countries and seek the welfare of all Canadian citizens living in Kenya.

Who Is The Current High Commissioner To The Canada Embassy In Kenya

Her Excellency Lisa Stadelbauer is the High Commissioner of the Canadian Embassy to Kenya.

In her welcome message, she expressed her joy, having the opportunity to serve her country and work with the Kenyan Government.

She also added, their team at the embassy is well equipped and dedicated to work tirelessly in ensuring the Canada and Kenya cooperation is always alive.

Are you getting bored already?

I know you are itching to see where you can locate the Canadian Embassy. Read in the next section and find out.

Where Is The Canadian Embassy In Kenya Located

Our constant readers, without a guess, can tell you where you can locate most embassies across the world.

We have seen in our previous embassy guides that embassies are usually found in capital cities.

We don’t want you to struggle with Embassy issues. Therefore, we always make sure to break it down for you.

Traditionally, embassies are located in capital cities.

What is the capital city of Kenya? It Nairobi, so of course, the Canadian Embassy in Kenya is in Nairobi.

Remember, the embassy operates from Mondays to Thursdays.

The working hours of the Canadian Embassy in Kenya are between 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, but on Fridays from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Directions To The Office of Canada High Commission In Kenya

You can use the directions below to find the Canadian High Commission in Kenya.

The Canada Embassy in Kenya can be found along the Limuru Road after Gigiri Resident Association.

It is not stressful to find because it is close to the Rwandan High Commission.

If that direction is not enough for you, you should use their physical address to find the embassy.

Address Ton The High Commission Office Of Canada In Nairobi

Below is the address of the High Commission of Canada in Kenya.

Address: High Commission of Canada, Limuru Road, Gigiri

Read in the next section to know about how you can contact the Canadian Embassy.

How To Contact The Canadian Embassy In Kenya

The Canadian Embassy has provided various options you can use to contact them. That is because there is always high traffic of calls on their phone lines.

More so, our hardworking team at embassycare.com has managed to fetch all their contact details for you.

So why should you stress yourself?. We always make it easier for you.

But remember, when contacting the embassy, make sure it is during their regular working hours. As a result, you get a faster response.

Telephone Number Of The High Commission Of Canada In Kenya

You can call the Canada Embassy in Kenya on this phone number.

Telephone: +25420 366 3000

If you want to send an email, this is the email address of the Canadian Embassy in Kenya

Email: nairobi@international.gc.ca

You can also write them a letter to the embassy. Below is the official postal address of the Canadian High Commission in Kenya.

Postal Address: Post Office Box 1013 00621- Nairobi, Kenya

If you love to contact them through Fax, this is the Fax number to use.

Fax: +25420366 3900

What services does the Canada Embassy offer?

The embassy offers almost consular services, including passport, visa, and many others.

Therefore, let’s find out in the next section which department at the embassy is responsible for that.

Consulate of Canada in Kenya.

The Canada Embassy in Kenya has a Consular section within the embassy.

The Consular Section is responsible for all consular services, including visa application, passport, notarial services, and document legalization.

If you are a Canadian citizen residing in Kenya, you have to take note of this.

The Consular Section at the Canadian High Commission in Kenya is responsible for seeking the safety of all Canadians in Kenya.

As a result, you can contact the Consular section for any assistance about passport or notarial services.

If you are a Kenyan or foreign national living in Kenya, you can also go to the Consular and visa section for all other immigration assistance.

Phone Number Of Canada Consulate In Kenya

If you want to call the Canadian Consulate in Kenya, this is their phone number.

Telephone: +25420 366 3000

You can make all your Canada Visa and Consular inquiries through their email address below.

Email: nrobi.consular@international.gc.ca

Frequently Asked Questions About The Canada Visa In Kenya

How much is a Canadian visa fee in Kenya?

Canadian visa fees vary from the types of visas available. There are different the kind of visas, and every type of visa has a separate fee.

How do I apply for a Canada visa from Kenya?

You can apply for a Canadian visa when you present all your documents required to apply for a visa.

Note that the type of visa depends on the purpose for which you are traveling to Canada.

How long does it take to get a Canadian visa in Kenya?

Getting a Canadian visa in Kenya does not take long, but it will depend on the type of visa you are applying for.

That is why you need to give them the actual reason you want to go to Canada.

How long does it take for a Canadian visa to be approved?

Your Canadian visa will be approved once all the documents you presented are authenticated.

I implore you always to remain calm once your application is under assessment.

Website Of Canadian High Commission In Kenya

For more information about the Canadian High Commission in Kenya, you must visit their official website.

There is comprehensive information about all their services on their website.

You can get all the guidelines on how you can apply for services such as visa, passport, etc.

Below is the web address below to visit the official website of the Canad Embassy in Kenya.

Website: https://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/kenya

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