What Is UBA Bank Nigeria IBAN Number

Most people do not understand the meaning of the acronym IBAN.

Well, IBAN in full means International Bank Account Number, now you know. Do you know where you can find your IBAN?

The IBAN is located on the top right-hand side of your bank statement, or you can also generate your IBAN online through your UBA bank internet banking service or by using an IBAN calculator tool.

Read through this article so that you can understand what the IBAN is and when to use it.

What Is The IBAN Number For UBA Bank In Nigeria

The IBAN for UBA bank branch through Citibank London is GB29CITI18500813664082.

While using the IBAN Number, your transactions will be well facilitated, and within a few days, the beneficiary will receive the funds.

You must ensure you use the correct IBAN Number before making any cash transfers to avoid making wrong transfers.

The IBAN you will use when making international money transfers will vary from country to country, for its length could be up to 34 digits long.

For example, is that the United Kingdom IBANs have 22 characters, French has 27 characters, while Spanish IBANs have 25 characters. 

What Does An UBA Bank IBAN Number Look Like?

The IBANs follow a specific format that contains all the information needed to ensure that your international money transfer runs safely and securely. 

I will break down the IBAN number for you and show you the different pieces of information that it contains. 

We are going to use the Nigerian UBA IBAN, which is GB 29 CITI 185008 13664082.

GB – This is your country code; in this case, it is Great Britain.

29 – These digits are known as check digits, and it is precisely calculated by the bank for the account holder and is relied on by banking systems to confirm that the number contains no simple errors.

CITI – These are your bank’s identifier code (BIC), and every bank is assigned one. CITI is for Citi Bank, and the BIC is also called a SWIFT code.

185008 – These six digits are your bank code or sort code that helps identify the bank’s branch where your account is held.

13664082 – The final eight numbers represent your bank account number.

This is how the IBAN bank code is classified.

What do I enter for IBAN

You will need to enter your country, sort code and account number into an IBAN Calculator, and generate your IBAN Number for you. You can also use an IBAN checker to double-check whether the IBAN Number your recipient has given you is correct.

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