UBA Direct Customer Care Number In Nigeria

In today’s guide, we will be looking at the UBA Direct Customer Care number in Nigeria. So without much ado, let’s set off. 

Customer Care Units are there basically to see the needs of customers.

At United Bank for Africa (UBA), customers are a priority.

Hence much is put in to ensure that they are always satisfied with the service they receive from the bank. 

In maintaining this kind gesture between the bank and customers, UBA has introduced channels through which customers can contact them directly aside from visiting its branches.

One of these is the UBA direct customer care number. 

This number allows you immediate access to any available UBA customer support agent in Nigeria to address your concern. 

What Is UBA Direct Customer Care Number In Nigeria 

The UBA Direct Customer Care numbers are:

(+234) 01-2808822 

(+234) 01-6319822

(+234) 07002255-822. 

Once you dial any of these numbers, you get connected to a customer service rep at UBA directly.

Oftentimes this number is usually busy because of the many people calling in per time.

Hence kindly exercise patience or use any of the other contact channels available.

You can find out below what other ways you can reach UBA customer care. 

Ways To Contact UBA Customer Care Directly In Nigeria  

The following are the ways you can contact UBA Customer Care:

Email: cfc@ubagroup.com 

Telephone line (+234) 01-2808822, (+234) 01-6319822, or (+234) 07002255-822

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ubagroup/ 

Twitter: @UBACares 

WhatsApp+234 903 000 2455

How To Contact UBA Customer Care In Nigeria 

To contact UBA customer care in Nigeria, you only need to dial any of these numbers 07002255-822, (+234) 01-2808822, or (+234) 01-6319822.

You then wait for your call to be connected to an available agent for your concern to be addressed. 

Contacting UBA customer care is nothing to get you stressed. Some of the contact services are available 24/7.

This means whatever your concern is, you know you can be attended to. 

What Is UBA Bank Nigeria Code

*919*20#. This code is a self-service code that allows customers and non-customers of UBA to perform certain banking operations unassisted. It can be used at any time with just a few clicks on your phone. 

Let’s end here for now on the UBA Direct Customer Care number in Nigeria. 

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