UBA Bank Nigeria CEO, Chief Executive Officer Of UBA

UBA Bank Nigeria CEO, are you wondering who it could be?

You are I the right track, many individuals have been confused between the CEO and Chairman of the UBA bank, but I am going to tell you about the CEO of the UBA bank.

We all know that It is very stressful to be the CEO of any company because you are responsible for managing your company, and making sure that everything is running correctly.

The CEO plays a significant role in the management, growth, and supervising of a company.

In this UBA guide, I will be telling you all about the CEO of the UBA bank and how he manages his company.

Who Is The CEO Of UBA Bank Nigeria?

The CEO that has managed to keep the UBA bank running and thriving through all odds is Kennedy Uzoka.

He has been the CEO of the UBA bank since 2016 when he was appointed to be the CEO in July.

Mr. Kennedy Uzoka has been responsible for leading the development and execution of the UBA group for a very long time and with a very advanced and excellent strategy.

Mr. Uzoka holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Mechanical engineering from the University of Benin, south-south of Nigeria, and a Master’s degree from the University of Lagos in the south-west of Nigeria.

He has over twenty (20) years of experience covering core banking, corporate marketing communication, strategy, and business advisory services.

Before the current role, he was the UBA Group’sGroup’s deputy managing director and CEO.

He managed the UBA subsidiaries across the 18 countries in Africa and supervised three key strategic support areas in Digital banking, IT, and personal banking.

As the bank’s deputy managing director, he was the executive in charge of the UBA group’s businesses in New York and London.

Mr. Uzoka has gone to many Business schools worldwide.

He is a proud alumnus of Harvard Business School (AMP) in Boston, USA.

Also, The International Institute of Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, The London Business School in the United Kingdom.

Who is the GMD of UBA?

Do you want to know the UBA Bank Nigeria CEOPhillip Oduoza is the GMD/CEO of the UBA group.

He has a 1st class Bachelor in science. (Hons.) in Civil engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from the University of Lagos

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