Ramtons Kenya contacts – Contact Ramtons Kenya Customer Care

Do you have Ramtons appliances you would like the company to repair for you? Here we have Ramtons Kenya contacts details you can use to reach their customer care for inquiry.

Additionally, you can use the contact details to know if they are selling the appliance you would like and get to know the nearest shop you can shop.

Ramtons is a pioneer in household and kitchen appliances in Kenya. Hypermart LTD founded Ramtons over two decades ago, and its products are now available all over the country.

Hypermart also offers several foreign brands such as Hindustan Unilever (pure-it), ELBA (Italian), MEGA (US) flasks, washing machines, Candy (Italian), and many more.

The brand aims at making the journey simple from the point of purchasing to the point of use, where goods are carefully chosen and produced.

At the same time, the present demographics and psychographics are taken into account.

Ramtons products are of high quality as they are well designed to assist you at home. You can buy various products for your kitchen and at large the whole house at a competitive price.

You will love Ramtons products and even the after-sale services, which in case you need repair, the company will offer you the service.

Hence, you need to now Ramtons Kenya contacts in case the need arises.

The company has even made it easier for its customers to drop products they would like repaired at the specified drop off points.

But you can make it easier if you speak to Ramtons customer care for assistance.

Furthermore, you can also visit the place you purchase the products to inquire about repair services.

Various ways you can contact Ramtons Kenya customer care

Here we have listed various ways you can contact Ramtons head office customer care for any questions or concerns. They also have different offices across the country and dealers.

Ramtons Kenya Contact Numbers

You can call Ramtons Kenya customer care via Telephone number 0800723723.

You can follow the prompts by pressing two and will speak for free with customer care.

Ramtons Kenya Location address

You can also visit the head office located at Mombasa Road (Opposite City Cabanas), Nairobi, Kenya.

Ramtons Kenya Email address

For inquiries or reporting a problem, you can send Ramtons customer care email at online@hypermart.co.ke.

Ramtons Kenya Working hours

To have your inquiries addressed, you need to contact Ramtons customer care during working hours on weekdays from 9:00 am- 4 pm. Saturdays 9:00 am- 12 pm but on Sundays, closed.

Ramtons Kenya Social media accounts

You can also chat with Ramtons customers on social media, Facebook, or Twitter, where you can stipulate your concerns or inquiries. 

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