MTN Quickloan Guide – How To Apply For MTN Quickloan, & Repayment

Do you need money to solve an urgent need, then I have a piece of exciting news for you. As an MTN subscriber in Ghana, you can now apply for MTN mobile money loan or Quick loan. MTN Quickloan is available for MTN subscribers.

Who Are the people eligible to have access to MTN mobile money loan or Quickloan?

Since the MTN Quickloan or mobile money loan launching, Active MTN mobile money users have had the quick loan to sort out or solve an urgent need.
Once you are an active MTN mobile money user, you are eligible to have access to Quickloan or quick cash from MTN.

What is MTN Quickloan

MTN Quickloan is a short-term cash loan given or disbursed and repaid with your MTN mobile money wallet. One Amazing offer is that you don’t need collateral before accessing the loan.

Requirement To Apply For MTN Quickloan

Have you been wondering what the things you will need to have access to MTN Quickloan are?

Below are the steps you need to go through to access the MTN Quickloan on your mobile money platform.

1. Applicant must be 18 years and above. That’s all people under 18 years who are not qualified to have access to MTN Quick loan.

2. Applicant must be an active MTN Ghana subscriber for not less than 90 days.

3. You must be registered on MTN mobile money service and actively use the wallet for frequent transactions.

4.If you are a loan debtor, you need to repay to qualify for another loan.

5.You may not qualify for Quickloan if your mobile money wallet activity or exercise is frequently or often too low.

How To Apply For MTN Quickloan

Are you wondering how you can apply for the MTN quick loan? It’s simple and Eazy. The procedures for obtaining or having access to MTN Quick loan are not hard. Please kindly follow the procedures below to register to get a loan.

1. Dial *170# on your MTN Mobile handset

2. Select option 5 for “Financial Services,”

3. Next, choose option 3 for “Loan” 

4. Reply with 1 for “Quick loan” 

5. Now select “Get a loan” 

6. Next Enter your MM PIN to confirm.

7. Available amount you can request will display on your screen.

8. Select or enter an amount loan you need based on how much you qualify for.

9. Now confirm that amount and press send.

10. Instantly you will receive the amount of money you requested in your MTN Mobile Money Wallet.

How To Repay Your MTN Quickloan

Are you interested in knowing how to pay back your MTN quick loan? To pay back your MTN quick loan, please kindly follow this procedure below.

1. Dial *170# on your MTN Mobile handset

2. Go to “financial services,” option five

3. Go to “loan,” option 3

4. Go to “quick loan” option 1

5. Go to “Repay my loan,” option 2

6. Go to “Enter Mobile Money Pin to confirm.”

Note: Also, you will automatically be deducted by MTN that’s from your wallet when the 30 days period to pay is due, and you have still not made payment

Benefits Of MTN Quickloan

1. You can get money anytime.

One exciting news with MTN mobile money loan, or Quickloan, is that you get money anytime. Unlike other Banks or avenues that there are restrictions on when you can receive monies, MTN quick loan allows subscribers to receive monies anytime.

Once you are an active user of MTN mobile money, you can access MTN mobile money loans at any time.

2. You can have access to money anywhere.

Another wonderful offer MTN Quickloan gives to its subscribers is that they have the opportunity to receive money everywhere.

You can still receive MTN quick loan or quick cash in the comfort of your home, office, school, etc. Certain Banks are not everywhere and can access their services everywhere, but you can receive monies everywhere with MTN quick loan.

3. It is the fastest way to get a loan

MTN quick loan is a faster way to have money since you don’t have to follow long queues to get money to sort out an urgent need.

Going to the bank, you have to sometimes be in long queues before receiving monies, but Mtn quick loan makes receiving monies so faster.

4. It is more Easier

A wonderful thing about MTN mobile money loan is that it makes receiving monies easier. It is easier to pick up your phones to get access to the monies you need to sort out or solve an urgent need.

5. It is very flexible

There are sometimes many stressful processes to get money when you need to sort out a need urgently.

An example is when you need to be in heavy traffic before you get to the bank.MTN Quickloan helps you prevent all this stress by applying for a quick loan or quick cash.

6. No time wasted

There is no much time wasted in accessing MTN mobile money loans. With MTN Quickloan, it takes less time to get your money, no matter your location.

7. No paperwork required

With MTN Quickloan, there is no paperwork involved in accessing a loan, and once you are a subscriber on the Mobile Money platform you qualify.

Do I have To Have Previous Savings To Have Access To MTN Quickloan

No please, you can have access to the quick loan without any previous savings required. You don’t necessarily have to have a savings account to get access to a quick loan. Getting a quick loan is simple and easy
and moving forward, I will show you you can apply for the MTN quick loan.

What Is The Loan Repayment Duration For MTN Quickloan

The loan repayment term or duration is 30 days. That means that, once you have acquired an MTN mobile money loan you have up to a maximum of 30days to pay it back.

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What Is The Minimum Amount You Can Take From MTN Quickloan

The minimum amount of loan a person can take for MTN mobile money is GHC 50. That when you request a quick loan, MTN gives you a minimum amount offer of GHC 50. So, if you want to apply for MTN Quickloan you must take note of that.

What Is The Maximum Amount You Can Take From MTN Quickloan

The maximum loan a person can have or take from an MTN quick loan is determined by MTN. However, once you pay your loan before the time, you are guaranteed an increase on your next loan.

How Many Times Can You Request An MTN Quickloan

Customers or subscribers can have access to Quickloan one at a time and can only apply for another one after paying the existing or already borrowed loan.

What Is The Interest Rate On MTN Quickloan

The MTN Quickloan has an interest rate of 6.9 percent. So, when you apply for MTN Quickloan, you will pay an interest rate of 6.9%

That is how to apply for MTN Quickloan.

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