How To Transfer Money From Momo To Bank Account

One of the features that have made MTN MoMo more interesting is its convenient way of making money transfer either from your MoMo account to your bank account or vice versa.

For this guide, we will treat ourselves with how can I transfer money from MoMo to a bank account.

The bank has always been noted as the center of financial operations. Hence it is always busy.

With the introduction of banking services on the MTN MoMo platform,

It has given the bank increased customer reach, reduced workloads per day, and other advantageous things.

This guide will help you with all you need to know about how you can transfer money from your MoMo account to your bank account, but before that, let’s get to know the various banks in Ghana that allow MTN mobile money transfer.

Banks In Ghana That Allows Money Transfer From MoMo

As at the time of writing this article, the following were the banks that allowed money transfer from MoMo:

1. Zenith bank

2. Agricultural development bank


4. GT bank

5. Fidelity bank

6. Access bank

7. Cal bank

8. Ecobank

9. UBA

10. Republic bank

11. CBG

12. GCB

13. UMB

14. FBN

15. First Atlantic bank

16. Stanbic bank

17. Bank of Africa

Requirements To Transfer Money From MTN Mobile Money To Bank Account

The following requirements must be ensured before money can be transferred from your MoMo account to your bank account:

•Active mobile phone

•Registered MTN MoMo SIM card

•Mobile money authorization PIN

•Your bank account number

•MTN network signal

How Can I Transfer Money From MTN MoMo To Bank Account

With all the requirements satisfied, you can now make a MoMo transfer to your bank account. Follow these steps to successfully transfer money from your MoMo to your bank account:

1. Dial *170# on your mobile phone

2. Select option 5 (financial services) from the mobile money menu

3. Choose option 1(bank services) and send

4. Transfer to the bank by selecting option 1

5. Choose from the list of banks the one you want to transfer to.

6. Select the bank account you want to transfer to and press send

7. Enter the amount to be sent

8. Enter MTN MoMo PIN to confirm

How Much Is Charge To Transfer Money From MTN Mobile Money To Bank Account

Sending money from your MTN mobile money comes with no extra charge. This means you can transfer as much as your wallet limit allows with no additional cost being incurred.

What Is The ShortCode To Transfer Money From MTN Mobile Money To Bank Account

MTN Mobile money has provided the USSD code *170# for undertaking this banking operation. You just need to dial the MTN USSD code on your mobile phone and follow the steps carefully to accomplish the money transfer.

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