Can I Receive MTN Momo From Abroad In Ghana – Yes, Find Out Here

Sometimes receiving money from someone abroad can be very difficult because of the numerous documents you will require before receiving your money. In today’s episode, we will answer your question on can you receive MTN MoMo from abroad.

MTN mobile money has become a recognized mobile money transfer in other parts of the world for receiving money from abroad.

With no or little stress involved, you can request all your abroad money transaction to be done on your mobile money account directly. There is no third party involved when receiving MTN MoMo.

All your need is to provide the sender with the right details for making the transaction.

Can I Receive MTN MoMo From Abroad In Ghana

Yes, MTN mobile money has made it possible for its subscribers to receive money from abroad. The process is not difficult at all, you don’t need to go anywhere, just on your mobile phone, and you are sorted out.

Now that the long-awaited question has been answered let us tackle some other worth-knowing parameters on receiving money from abroad via MTN mobile money.

Requirements To Receive MTN MoMo From Abroad

The following are required before you can receive money from abroad via MTN mobile money platform:

1. Active mobile phone

2.MoMo number

3.MoMo name

4. Additional information that the sender will need

Make sure to provide all of this information to the sender so that your transaction can be successfully be carried out.

What Is The Maximum Amount You Can Receive From Abroad Into Your MoMo Account

Most people ask, is there a limit to the amount you can receive from abroad through your MoMo account, and what is this maximum amount can be?

Yes, there is a limit, and this paragraph will clearly outline the maximum amount an MTN MoMo subscriber can receive on the MoMo wallet.

The maximum amount you can receive depends on the transactional limit of your MTN MoMo wallet.

Hence I will entreat you to carefully consider your MoMo wallet limit before a transaction is made.

What Is The Charge When You Receive MTN MoMo From Abroad

Receiving money from abroad, the MTN remittance transfer comes with additional charges. However, these charges are charged by the sender on the amount being transferred.

Averagely, a charge worth 3%of the amount to be received is charged when someone transfers via MTN mobile money directly.

That means that you will receive the exact amount transferred. However, when you withdraw the money, the assigned charges for withdrawal from MoMo in Ghana are charged.

How Long Does It Take To Receive MTN MoMo From Abroad

The process to receive money into your mobile money wallet from abroad does not take up to even a day.

Receiving money is instant. It just takes a few minutes. In cases where there are technical challenges, it can take up to 2 days for the challenges to be resolved.

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