How To Talk To GTbank Customer Care In Nigeria 

The focus of this guide is to help you out on how to talk GTbank Customer Care in Nigeria. So without much ado, let’s get rolling. 

Customer relation is pivotal to the advancement of every organization.

For this reason, GTbank places much emphasis on ensuring that its customers are given nothing less than a satisfactory banking experience. 

You can consider the time loss. Gone are the days that people had to join long queues at the banking hall just to be attended to.

And sometimes, it is very problematic that just a minute conversation will demand you to wait for hours. 

It’s not like that nowadays. At GTbank Nigeria, it has introduced many channels through which customers can speak to its Customer Care Unit without even moving an inch from their times or workplace. 

How To Talk To GTbank Customer Care In Nigeria 

Kindly follow the steps below to talk to a GTbank Customer Care in Nigeria:

  • Dial any of the GTbank mobile lines on your phone 
  • Kindly wait as your call gets connected. 
  • Once connected, patiently listen to the automatic voice prompt and select the corresponding number to directly talk to a customer care rep.
  • Your call will then be directed to the agent.
  • After the normal exchange of pleasantries, state your concern.
  • You will be directed on what to do to address the problem.

Ways To Contact GTB Customer Care

GTbank has established many unrestricted ways of attending to customers’ concerns. Some of the ways to contact GTbank Customer Care are:

  • Mobile line: 0700-482666328, 234-1-4480000, 08029002900, or 08039003900
  • Twitter: @gtbank_help 
  • In-person at a branch 

What Are GTbank Customer Care Number

The following numbers can be used to contact GTbank Customer Care:

  1. 0700-482666328
  2. +234-1-4480000
  3. 08029002900
  4. 08039003900

Since GTbank serves a larger customer network, you can sometimes have difficulty reaching them via mobile lines.

Should that be the case, you can switch to the contact channels like Twitter, Facebook, or email. 

Here is where we will end on how to talk to GTbank customer care in Nigeria.

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