How To Block Your GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria

In today’s guide, we will be looking at how to block your GTbank ATM card in Nigeria. So without waiting further, let’s get going.

It’s always bizarre when people ask how they can block their ATM card, looking at its advantages.

Well, that is a reason best known to them. At GTbank, account-holders are issued ATM cards upon request, and this is to lessen the time they will spend carrying out some simple banking transactions such as withdrawals and others.

Your GTbank ATM card is linked to your account, and you are given some level of responsibility for its management, including how to block it if you want to.

Ways To Block Your GTbank ATM Card In Nigeria

The following are the various ways you can use to block your GTbank ATM card:

  • Contact GTbank Customer Support
  • Via SMS
  • Use the shortcode *737*51*74#

These ways can be employed if you want to deactivate your GTbank ATM card.

Requirements To Deactivate Your ATM Card In Nigeria

The requirements to block your GTbank card are listed below as follows:

  • A mobile phone
  • Your mobile number linked to your GTbank account
  • The shortcode *737*51*74#
  • Your GTbank mobile banking PIN
  • A stable network signal

With these easy to get requirements, you can proceed and deactivate your ATM card.

You can find out how to go about it in one of the paragraphs below.

What Is The Code To Block GTbank Card In Nigeria

*737*51*74#. This is the code to block your GTbank card. This code can be used by any account-holder of this bank, provided the above-stated requirements have been satisfied.

It can be used on any mobile phone type, and it is unrestricted by time and location, provided you can get a stable service signal.

How To Block Your GTBank ATM Card Using The Shortcode

Kindly follow these simplified steps to block your GTbank ATM card:

1. Dial *737*51*74# from your phone

2. Once the interface has been open, go ahead and input the mobile number linked to your account.

3. Next, provide your GTbank mobile banking PIN.
Follow the rest of the on-screen guide to block your ATM card.

How To Deactivate Your GTbank ATM Card Using SMS

It is very simple to block the GTbank ATM card via SMS. All you need to do is to send the text “HOTLIST (Account Number)” to the number 08076665555. Your ATM will then be deactivated once the message has been received.

Can I Contact Customer Care To Block My ATM Card

Yes, you can contact GTbank Customer Support on 0700482666328 if you need any help blocking your ATM card.

The customer support unit does not work 24/7. You need to know this to contact them during their working hours.

This is all that we have for you on how to block your GTbank card in Nigeria. Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below.

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