How To Start A Car Wash Business In Nairobi – Read This Guide

Starting a carwash business is one of the best ideas to start in Nairobi because of the high traffic. Most people work and stay in Nairobi. Nairobi is one of the highly populated cities.

Starting a good car wash business in Nairobi can be highly profitable. Kenya has also been recording a high number of imported cars. 

How much does it cost to start a car wash business in Nairobi? 

Starting a carwash business requires initial capital and maintenance capital. A carwash business in Nairobi roughly needs Ksh 100,000. The initial cost breakdown;

a. Rent – Ksh 15000

b. Licenses – Ksh 20000

c. Equipment – Ksh 50,000

d. Marketing – Ksh 5000

e. Rehabilitation – Ksh 10,000

What it takes to start a carwash business in Nairobi 

Acquiring the necessary equipment for the carwash business

When choosing the car wash equipment, consider the warranty, durability, cleaning power, and how well it functions.

Some of the equipment includes the following;

  • Washing machine- this is the first machine one should buy the pressure washing machine. Buying this machine depends on the quality and your pocket. How many washing machines you will buy will depend on the availability of the cars that will be dropping in your carwash for services? You also need to check the history of the area you are setting your carwash business. If there is no frequent power, you can purchase a diesel-powered washing machine. The features to look out for in a washing machine are the weight, dust, spray gun, and pressure options. The more advanced your cleaning business is, the better the services
  • Water tank – the size of the water tank will depend on the availability of water in that location. Bigger tanks are better off.
  • Cleaners, brushes, quizzers, towels, detergents, and buckets- this equipment need to be of better quality to last long. For detergents, there are special detergents used for washing vehicles.
  • Location of the carwash business

Where you locate your carwash business in Nairobi is very crucial because location will determine your profitability in the business.

The location should be located on a busy shopping center or busy roads.

For selecting a suitable location in Nairobi, the best location is inside a parking space or near it, near malls, near churches, and near public offices. Just make sure the location can be easily located and easily accessible.

A good car wash site in Nairobi should have the following characteristics

1. High traffic

2. Adequate space

3. Accessibility 

Market research

The carwash business is among the most paying business in Nairobi. This business is growing. Before you start the business, just know there is another existing carwash business.

It is important to monitor your competitors that are already in business. Find a suitable location to set up your business.

Get a business permit

Has the right certified documents when venturing into the carwash business? For the carwash business in Nairobi, it only requires you to have a single business permit.

In Nairobi, getting a business permit requires a little higher charge. If you want to open a big car wash, then you must be cleared by the National Environment Management Authority [NEMA]

Services offered in a carwash

a. Waxing

b. Engine wash

c. Dusting

d. Carpet cleaning

e. Upholstery

f. Body washing

g. Buffing

h. Interior cleaning

i. Under wash

The best places to set your carwash business in Nairobi

You can set your business in other locations like near apartments or households in Nairobi.

a. Kileleshwa

b. Parklands

c. Kilimani

d. Runda 

e. Muthaiga

f. Karen 

g. Lavington

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