How To Link FNB Account To PayPal In South Africa 2022

In today’s guide, we will be addressing one of the frequently asked questions by FNB customers, how to link an FNB account to PayPal. 

You can be assured that this guide will give you up-to-date information regarding FNB and PayPal operations. Let’s get started. 

PayPal is among the leading names when it comes to international mobile payment services.

It comes as no surprise as many First National Bank customers in South Africa ask how they can link their accounts to PayPal.

With what has been said so far, let’s kindly find out from the paragraph below about adding PayPal to your FNB account. 

Who Can Link FNB Account To PayPal

The following are what qualifies you to link your FNB account to PayPal:

  • Applicant must register for FNB Online Banking
  • Should have an active Bank account in South Africa 
  • Verified PayPal account in South Africa 

Requirements To Add FNB Account To PayPal

Below are the things you need connect your FNB account to PayPal: 

  • A smartphone, laptop, or tablet
  • Your FNB online banking login details. This includes your user ID and PIN. 
  • Your PayPal account details 
  • FNB credit card for verification 
  • A stable internet connection 

Apart from these said requirements, applicants should comply with all South African Reserve banking regulations for international transactions. 

How To Link FNB Account To PayPal

The following steps will assist you in adding your FNB account to PayPal:

1. Open a web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and visit 

2. Wait, whiles the FNB South Africa official website loads. 

3. From the home screen, click “Login” to continue.

4. On the next page, provide your username and password. 

5. Once on your account window, select “My Bank Accounts” or “Forex.” 

6. Go ahead and click on the “Menu Option.”

7. Select from the listed options “PayPal Service.” 

8. Proceed and tap the menu again 

9. Click on “Link your PayPal Profile” 

10. Once you are done with the first part, you can proceed to the next part. 

11. Open your PayPal account.

12. Navigate to the “Balance page.” 

13. On the balance page, tap the credit and debit card to continue. 

14. Click the confirmation option. 

Does Is It Cost To Add Bank Account To PayPal 

No, it does not cost to link your FNB account to PayPal. It is free. However, during the confirmation process on the PayPal account, an amount will be debited from your account and credited once the linking process is complete. 

This is all that we have for you now on how to link an FNB account to PayPal. 

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