How To Get My Access Bank Account Number In Nigeria, 2022

Here is a simplified guide for those asking how to get my Access Bank account number. 

Access Bank has a large user network in Nigeria and, as such, places much emphasis on serving its customers with a satisfactory banking experience.

I think we all can relate to how essential a bank account number is to financial transactions at the bank.

It is central to all financial transactions at the bank; without it, you can’t send and receive money into your account. 

For Access customers, there is a way to find your account number if you forget it.

You can find out below how to get your account number, but before that, let’s find out what the requirements are. 

Requirements To Get My Account Number 

The following are the things you need to get your Access account number:

  • A mobile phone 
  • The mobile number linked to your account 
  • Access Bank mobile banking code 
  • ATM Card number 
  • A strong network signal 

How To Get My Access Bank Account Number 

Below the are steps to get your Access Bank account number in Nigeria:

  • Using the mobile number linked with your Access Bank account, kindly dial *901# on your mobile phone 
  • From the service menu, select option four (4), “Other Services,” and send 
  • Select option four (4) again for the Enquiry Services menu
  • From the listed option, go for “Account number inquiry” by choosing option 3 
  • This will notify you to enter your ATM card number.
  • Input in the space provided the last six (6) digits of your ATM card number. 
  • This will display your bank account number on your phone screen. 

Can I Get My Bank Account Number On Phone 

Yes, you can check your bank account number using your mobile phone.

However, you will require their  USSD code (*901#) and other things that are required to get your account number on the phone. 

Does Access Bank Charge To Get NUBAN 

No, it does not cost to get your bank account number. This service is available on the Access bank mobile banking platform, and it’s part of the many free services customers get to enjoy using the platform. 

This is all that we have for you on How to get my Access bank account number.  

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