How To Download My UBA Bank Statement In Nigeria

Do you want to download your UBA bank Statement in Nigeria? You can easily access and download your United Bank of Africa (UBA) statements using numerous ways.

Did you know that UBA Nigeria bank statements are periodic and Could be downloaded as per the statement time you need?

With statements, you can get proof of how you made transactions.

What you have to do is access your bank statements through the various ways stipulated. 

Once accessible, you can download them with ease.

You can easily access UBA bank statements even without visiting the bank.

It is good in that you can get them at home when the need arises. All you need is a phone or a computer connected to the internet.

Downloading UBA Bank Statements In Nigeria

Are you in need of downloading your UBA bank statement? Below are the various techniques to get you going:

How UBA Bank Statements Are Sent To The Email For Download In Nigeria

You can get your UBA account statement in Nigeria by contacting the following addresses: 01-2808-UBA, 01-280882201-6319822, or 0700-CALL-UBA.

The bank statement will be sent to your email with this method, making it ready for download.

How To Download Your UBA Nigeria Bank Statement Using The Mobile App Or Internet Banking Portal

You can have your UBA account statement also by accessing it through a mobile banking app or UBA banking portal in the following steps:

  • Login to your customer account through UBA net banking portal or UBA mobile banking app.
  • Look for the heading “bank statement in the UBA account you have logged in to.
  • Set the date of the statement you want as your next step and submit it. 
  • The UBA bank statement will be sent to the email account linked to your UBA account.
  • Your bank statement will be ready for download in your email account. Download it by clicking on it.

How Do I Check My UBA Mini Statement?

You need to check the UBA mini statement; all you have to do is: Dial *919#, press the number 4, and follow other instructions on the mobile phone number you used to open your UBA account and follow the instructions. If it does not work, you have to register the number by dialing *919#.

Can I Withdraw Money Using UBA Prepaid Card?

Never sure if you can withdraw money using your UBA prepaid card? You don’t have to worry because your card is like any other ATM card. You can use the UBA prepaid card to withdraw cash at any ATM around you.

For more information and queries, visit the United Bank of Africa page at

That is how to download your UBA bank account statement.

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