How To Create A Second Cash App Account In Minutes

The content of this guide will answer one of the frequently asked questions about Cash App, how to create a second Cash App account.

So without much ado, let’s find out how to register a second Cash App account.

Cash App works like a real-life bank though it is not one. Just as it is possible to run two accounts in a single bank, so as it is with this mobile fintech platform.

However, there are some technicalities involved which you must pay heed to.

Whatever it is about having a second account with Cash App, don’t worry about it.

This guide has got you covered. Find out from the remaining paragraphs how to create a second Cash App account.

How To Create A Second Cash App Account

The listed steps below will assist you in creating a second Cash App account:

1. Launch the Cash App mobile on your smartphone

2. Proceed and click the profile tab on the home screen

3. Select Sign out to get you redirected to the sign-in page

4. Click on Sign up at the bottom of the page to create a second account.

5. On the welcome screen, enter your phone number or email to start the registration process.

6. instantly, a verification code will be sent to your mail or mobile number.

7. Go ahead and input the confirmation code.

8. On the next page, use your debit card details to link your bank account to your Cash App account.

9. Choose a username

10. Provide your Zip code to complete the process

Requirements To Create A Second Cash App Account

The requirements to create a second Cash App remain the same throughout. The requirements include:

  1. A mobile device with Cash App running on it
  2. A valid U.S. phone number
  3. An active email
  4. Your debit card information
  5. Zip Code

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Second Cash App Account

There is no cost involved when you open a second Cash App account. Registering a Cash App account is among the various free services users get to enjoy on the platform.

Can I Have Two Separate Cash App Accounts

Yes, you can have two Cash App accounts running at the same time. However, you must more than you can not use an already existing user information for the second account.

Hence you need to provide a new phone number and email to successfully register the account.

This is all that we have for you on how to create a second Cash App account in.

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