How to claim Assupol cash back, Claim Your Cashback With Ease

If you qualify for the Assupol cashback, then chances are you are looking at how to claim Assupol cash back. 

The Assupol cashback is among the benefits which are included when you buy the Assupol policy. Many South Africans are attracted to this benefit, thus opting for Assupol cover.

The cashback is different from filing a compensation claim. When you qualify for cash back, you’ll receive notification from Assupol.

The cashback claim money is a fraction of the premium you have been paying, and it will not be deducted when you claim the policy.

Documents required during Assupol cashback claim

When filing a claim for Assupol cashback, the following are the documents you ought to have for your claim to be processed fast.

  •         Policy number
  •         Certified copy of your ID document
  •         Copies of valid bank statements, not older than three months, of the bank account into which the benefit must be paid, showing the account holder and
  •         Account number
  •         basic information, i.e., name, surname, ID number, contact details

How to claim your cashback Online

The first option on how to claim Assupol cashback is online. You have to visit the Assupol website, log in to your client account, and click on file claim. 

Equally, after visiting the Assupol website and selecting the policy you bought, for instance, funeral cover, there is a claim button on that page. Click it and follow the prompts.

If the process of filling the details online is tiresome, you can download the claim form, fill it and submit it to the nearest Assupol offices.  

How to claim Assupol cash back by visiting the nearest Assupol branch

You can also claim Assupol cashback by visiting the nearest Assupol branch. Assupol has its offices spread over South Africa.

Thus, there is one near you. At their offices, you’ll be guided on the claim process.    

After launching your claim at Assupol and submitting all required documents, you’ll receive an SMS acknowledging the claim. You’ll receive a receipt from Assupol with the claim tracking number.

How to claim Assupol cash back through email

You can also claim Assupol cashback by downloading the claim form from the Assupol website, filling in all required details, attaching the required document, and sending it to Assupol offices through scanning, then sending it at

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