How Do I Find My FirstBank 5 Digit PIN, Get A New PIN Now

One of the challenges FirstBank customers face is associated with their 5-digit PIN, and that’s why we’ve dedicated this guide to educate you on how you can find your First Bank 5-digit PIN.

Kindly ensure that you read till the end of this guide to help apprehend every piece of information shared on the FirstBank 5-digit PIN.

Many customers of FirstBank find it challenging to understand the purpose of the FirstBank 5-digit PIN.

The code is one of the tools that secure your account from fraud.

Also, it prevents any unauthorized transaction performed with your bank account.

Irrespective of who you are, we all once in a lifetime fall victim to theft, and if in case your phone was stolen, then it puts your bank account in danger.

Today, our phones serve as a digital branch and teller to our banks that receive our financial requests and process them anytime at anywhere.

So, losing your phone that has access to your mobile banking can expose your bank account to anyone having access to your account.

For this reason, FirstBank has provided several security measures that help secure customers’ accounts even if they lose their phones.

Hence, if you are ready to be more enlightened about the FirstBank PIN, let’s proceed further with some detailed discussion.

What Is FirstBank PIN

FirstBank PIN is the unique code you create for your FirstBank Nigeria mobile banking or online banking account to secure your account and transactions.

The code only contains numbers, and an easy-to-remember code is required when creating your 5-digit PIN.

Benefit Of FirstBank Digit code

The FirstBank 5-digit code serves as the code that has to be entered to access your account on the FirstBank mobile app.

So, the code serves as a security code that one has to enter to gain access to their account with FirstBank mobile app.

The code also serves as a code used to confirm transactions made on your phone to prove the authenticity of the transaction request.

How Do I Find My FirstBank 5-Digit PIN

Follow the step-by-step guide below to find your FirstBank 5-digit PIN:

1. Make sure you have the SIM card of the phone number linked with your FirstBank account inserted into your phone.

2. Dial *894*0# on your mobile phone and hit on the “Send” button

3. On the new screen, enter your account number

4. Type into the space a new 5-digit PIN

5. Retype the 5-digit PIN you chose to confirm the PIN

6. Congratulations you now have a new PIN.

Can I Transfer Money From My FirstBank Account On My Phone Without My 5 Digit PIN

No, the 5-digit PIN is needed to make a successful financial transaction on your phone using FirstBank mobile banking.

The code is needed to confirm the authenticity of the transaction request made with your account, USSD banking, and mobile app banking.

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