How To Check FirstBank Account Balance In Nigeria

Today’s guide features how to check FirstBank account balance and other information within the same sphere like this. 

Many of you can relate to the nervousness of not receiving any notification after completing a financial transaction.

How do you then know whether it was successful or not? The only alternative is to check your account balance for any deduction. 

Well, if you are an account holder at FirstBank, then you need not worry when it comes to making a balance inquiry.

There is more than one way to do this, and all of these ways are easy to go by.

Kindly let’s find out from the remaining paragraphs how to know the FirstBank account balance. 

What Code Is Used To Know FirstBank Account Balance

*894#. This code allows you to access your account balance as well as other FirstBank services in Nigeria. To directly check your balance, simply dial *894*00# to get it displayed on your phone screen. 

Requirements To Know Account Balance 

Below are the requirements to check your FirstBank account balance: 

  1. A mobile phone 
  2. A mobile number linked to your account 
  3. FirstBank mobile banking PIN
  4. A stable network signal 

These are the basic requirements to assist you in making a balance inquiry from your FirstBank account in Nigeria.

These requirements do not apply to all the ways you can employ to check your FirstBank account balance. 

How To Check FirstBank Account Balance Using USSD Code

The steps involved in using the code *894# to check your FirstBank account balance are simple. All you need is to dial the code on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts to check your balance. 

You will require to enter your mobile banking PIN to complete the process. 

How To Know FirstBank Balance Online

You will need to access the FirstBank Nigeria online portal with your user ID and password.

Once the home interface has been opened, you can check from the menu tab and select account balance to get your balance displayed. 

Here is where we will end on how to check the FirstBank balance online.

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