How Do You Reverse A MOMO Transaction In Ghana

This guide features a really interesting subject, how to reverse a MoMo transaction in Ghana. Kindly take time and read through. 

Making a wrong MoMo transaction is a nightmare for many people in Ghana.

This is not only because of the amount they can lose but the probability of successfully retrieving your fund.

But who knows, you may be among the few lucky ones who end up writing a success story about how you can reverse a mobile money transaction. 

So without taking much time, let’s find out how to get your money back if you do a wrong transaction on MoMo. 

Requirements To Reverse A MOMO Transaction In Ghana 

The following are the requirements to reverse the MTN MoMo transaction: 

  • MTN mobile money code 
  • Your registered MOMO SIM card
  • The amount transacted 
  • Your MOMO details; include your MoMo name and your ID

With these above-stated requirements, you can proceed and initiate the reversal process by reading the paragraph below. 

How Do You Reverse A MOMO Transaction In Ghana

The below-listed steps will guide you to reverse a wrong MoMo transaction successfully: 

1. Kindly dial 100 to contact the MTN Customer Care

2. Carefully listen to the automatic voice prompt and select a preferred language for the process. 

3. Proceed and press 3 for mobile money-related problems

4. Next, choose option 5 for mobile money transfer reversal. 

5. Kindly wait while you are connected to an agent.

6. Once connected with an available agent, kindly relay your request for you to be attended to

7. You will be asked a series of questions like; your name, MoMo number, and amount transacted.

8. The agent will then proceed and verify your account and the said transaction.

The investigation will commence, and you will be updated on the status as to whether it can be reversed or not.

How Long Does It Take To Reverse A MOMO Transaction 

It can take from three (3) days to a week or two for you to receive a reversed MoMo transaction. 

The reversal process requires a series of probing to validate your claim. After contacting MTN Customer Care about what has happened, they will need to verify first, after which they will check if the amount transacted is still reflected in the recipient’s account.

We have this for you now on “How do you reverse a MoMo transaction in Ghana.” 

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