How To Activate Zenith Bank USSD Transfer Code In Nigeria 2022

The content of this guide compasses how to activate the Zenith Bank USSD transfer code alongside other essentials about the Zenith Bank mobile code in Nigeria. 

Banking operations have taken a shift since the inception of mobile technology into mainstream banking.

Almost all banks have taken this route. It helps to reach a wider user network and allows financial operations with just a click on your mobile phone. 

At Zenith Bank, customers are not left out of this unique banking experience.

All that is required is to activate the transfer code.

Kindly find out from the paragraphs below.

Requirements To Activate Zenith Mobile Banking

Here are the requirements to register the Zenith Bank account USSD transfer code:

  • A mobile phone 
  • The mobile number linked with your account 
  • Zenith Bank account number 

With these parameters satisfied, you can proceed and register your Zenith Bank transfer code.

Kindly refer to the paragraph below. 

How To Activate Zenith Bank USSD Transfer Code

The steps below will assist you to activate your Zenith Bank USSD transfer code:

  • Dial the Zenith Bank mobile banking code *996# using your mobile phone linked with your account
  • Once the service menu has been opened, you can access the various functions it allows.
  • You will be required to set a security PIN once you have activated the Zenith Bank transfer code.

Once the mobile banking platform has been activated, you are at liberty to use it for the various banking and retail services it allows. 

What Is Zenith Bank USSD Transfer Code

The Zenith Bank USSD transfer code is *996#. This code is available to all account-holders at Zenith Bank.

It allows you to manage and control your account at any time and anywhere. 

Why Is My Zenith Ussd Code Not Working

A problem of this sort may result from using a mobile number that is not linked with your account, or perhaps your PIN is incorrect.

However, if any of these is not the cause, you can contact the nearest Zenith Bank branch or contact their customer service department and state your concerns.

Let’s end here for now on How to activate the Zenith Bank USSD transfer code. 

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