How To Activate Zenith Bank Nigeria USSD Transfer Code On Your Phone

Have you already registered for Zenith Bank Mobile banking? Then it is time you know how to activate Zenith Bank Nigeria USSD transfer code on your phone.

Mobile Banking CodeTo assist you in doing that, we have dedicated this simple guide to show you how to activate the Zenith bank transfer code for Nigeria on your phone.

These days, banking on the go is becoming a tradition among banks in Nigeria. That is because it takes away the pressure from tellers and banking staff at the hall, giving customers full control over their bank account.

For that reason, Zenith Bank Nigeria has launched a USSD code that customers can activate on their phones to make transactions from their bank account from anywhere.

With that, it doesn’t matter the time. You can access your account. You can make payments, send money, buy airtime, and view your bank statements anytime you like.

As a result, if you are a Zenith Bank account holder, here is an opportunity to take away all your banking stress and experience new banking that makes you feel like a boss over your account.

Maybe you have heard about the Zenith Bank Nigeria Mobile banking USSD Code but do not know how to register and use it.

Worry not. This guide will give you a simple procedure on how to register for the Zenith Bank transfer code and how you can use it.

What Is Zenith Bank Nigeria Transfer USSD Code

The Zenith Bank Nigeria transfer code is *966#. It is available to only Zenith bank customers and requires a bank account to work.

Therefore, before using the Zenith Bank USSD Code on your cellphone, you must activate it with your Zenith Bank account.

Requirements To Activate Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Below are the basic things you need to activate Zenith Bank Nigeria transfer code on your phone:

1. A Cellphone

2. Mobile Number linked to your Zenith Bank account(AlertZ number)

3. Zenith Bank Nigeria account number

4. Zenith Bank Nigeria USSD code *966#.

5. Zenith Bank Debit or ATM Card

How To Activate Zenith Bank Nigeria USSD Transfer Code For The First Time

To successfully activate Zenith Bank USSD transfer code on your phone, follow these basic steps:

1. Simply dial **966*00# on your mobile number linked to your Zenith bank account.

2. Next, enter the last “4” digits of your Zenith Bank Debit or ATM Card number

3. On the next screen, your bank account will display your bank account and name.

4. Next, you will be prompted to set up a 4 PIN.

5. Set up a secured “4” digits PIN. Example, 8872.

6. Enter again your “4” digits PIN to confirm.

7. Press send to complete the activation process.

8. You will receive a successful message on your phone with your account balance.

That is how to activate Zenith Bank USSD transfer code in Nigeria.



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