How To Activate DStv Subscription After Payment Without Delay [SOLVED]

We are here again with an exciting Dstv guide on how to activate your Dstv subscription after payment. Here are the guidelines on how to reactivate your Dstv account after making payment.

In most cases, the Dstv payment does not reflect immediately in your account; it becomes challenging for you to be active after paying the subscription in such cases.

There are different reasons why your Dstv is not showing after payment. 

We are here to unravel all that in this guide; hold on there as we unfold.

Before proceeding, let us scan the things you need to activate your account.

Requirements To Activate Your DStv Subscription

Here are the basic requirements for you to activate your DStv account:

  • Dstv smart card number/account number
  • A paid account
  • Mobile phone (innovative/analog)

If you have all these requirements, let’s explore how to have a seamless login into your account.

Steps To Activate Your DStv Subscription After Payment

To have a seamless activation of your Dstv subscription after payment, follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to put on your decoder.
  2. Next, ensure there is a strong satellite signal on your decoder, with channel 100 working and showing pictures.
  3. You can now switch your channel to “Supersports Blitz.”
  4. Make your multichoice subscription to your preferred payment options.
  5. With your Dstv payment completed, be patient for approximately 30 minutes.
  6. If your Dstv decoder does not show after 30 minutes, look out on the screen to see the error code, for instance, e-16 and e-32.
  7. Using the error code on your screen, with the help of Dstv self-service, clear the error code, and your subscription will be activated.
  8. In case of error persistence, reach out to Multichoice Africa customer care for assistance.

Those are the steps that will help you to activate your Multichoice account subscription.

How Long Does It Take For My DStv Subscription To Be Activated?

Typically, you only need 15 minutes for your Dstv subscription to be active in your account, and immediately your payment shows in your account, it is activated instantly.

When your Dstv account is still inactive after your payment has reached your account, you can clear the error code and see if it works out or reach out to Multichoice customer care for assistance.

What To Do When I Have Paid My DStv Subscription But Still Not Showing

Follow these things if you have paid your Dstv subscription but still not showing:

  1. Restart your decoder and be patient for approximately 15 minutes, then check if it will be working.
  2. Log onto the self-service website or utilize the Dstv USSD code for clearing the code.
  3. Login to your Dstv account online and see if your account is on the basic package you paid for.
  4. If otherwise, switch your package to the right bouquet you paid for.
  5. You can contact the Dstv customer service for aid.

We wrap it up for you on how to activate your Dstv subscription.   

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