Here Is How Much MTN Momo Transfer Cost In Ghana

Mobile Money transfer has now become a widely used mode of crediting your phone with airtime. This guide will find out how much MTN MoMo transfer cost  and other essential parameters about MTN mobile money transfer.

The integration of airtime purchases on the MTN MoMo platform has heightened its usage. It has made buying airtime easier, quick, and convenient.

You can buy a transfer at any time. All that you need is to have money in your wallet. And


It seems a lot of people confuse with these two phrases, MTN MoMo and MTN Mobile Money. Are they the same thing or different? That is what this guide will help you establish at the end of this article.

In this guide, we will set out to find out what the difference is between MTN MoMo and MTN mobile money.

Let us start by defining clearly what MTN MoMo is and what MTN mobile money is. This will help us to establish the contrast between them if there is.

What Is MTN MoMo?

MTN MoMo is a generic name mostly used to describe the MTN financial operation platform, which is accessed on our mobile planes. The word MoMo is an abbreviated form for mobile money.

What Is MTN Mobile Money?
MTN mobile money is a sub-group under MTN GH, which is responsible for the financial transactions carried out on our phone registered with MTN MoMo SIM.

Now that we have clearly defined our terms, let us move to know whether there is a difference between MTN MoMo and MTN Mobile Money and what this difference is.

What Is The Difference Between MTN MoMo and MTN Mobile Money?

There is no difference in meaning or function between MTN MoMo and MTN Mobile Money. The only difference is in the way they are spelled out. So next time you hear MTN MoMo, do not get yourself lost. It is just a shortcut for MTN Mobile Money. It has been as a nickname.

The functions executed by all who have registered for MTN MoMo are directly recorded on the MTN Mobile money system. This is to help keep track of all their financial operations carried out via the MoMo platform.

Are There Bonuses On MTN MoMo or MTN Mobile Money.

There are bonus packages affiliated with the usage of MTN mobile money, of which most subscribers are even negligent. The bonuses are sometimes termed as MoMo rewards, which are gifted to subscribers to use the MTN Mobile money services.


What Are The Bonuses Of MTN MoMo Or MTN Mobile Money?

These bonuses are in categories, these are bonuses given to all MoMo users, and there are those given to loyal customers. These bonuses can be in the form of mobile money transaction profit, airtime, data bundles, voucher codes, and others.

even if you do not have, there is still a way to get yourself sorted out. You can notify a friend to buy you airtime.

What Is MTN MoMo Transfer

MTN MoMo transfer can be confusing at times, but for this guide, we will be defining MTN MoMo transfer as purchasing airtime using the mobile money platform.

There are other instances where MoMo transfer relates to sending money using Mobile Money, but that is not what this guide is about.

How Much Does MTN MoMo Transfer Cost

MTN MoMo transfer demands no additional charge aside from the amount you pay for the amount of airtime you purchase. It is also in the group of free services that are rendered on the MoMo platform.

This means if you make a transfer of Gh¢5.00, you receive an airtime transfer of Gh¢5.00.

Who Can Receive MoMo Transfer

There are avenues to make a transfer to any number in Ghana. The MTN MoMo Transfer service is such that airtime transfer can be made to anyone irrespective of the network you are registered on. This means you can transfer to Vodafone number, Airtel Tigo number, or Glo number.

Also, the amazing thing is that the charge for transferring always remains the same.

What Is The Code For MTN MoMo Transfer

MTN MoMo transfer is done via the mobile money platform by using the USSD code *170#. Once you dial this code, you can carry on with the process of purchasing MoMo transfer by selecting the airtime and data bundle option.

How Can I Know My MoMo Transfer

There is a way to know the amount of transfer your phone has used up. This helps you to know the amount of money you have spent on airtime transfer. To undertake this process follow the steps below:

1. Dial *156#

2. Select usage summary by choosing option 3

3. Select any of them you want to know how much you have spent and continue with the process.

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