GOtv Paybill Number: Pay GoTv Using MPesa Pay Bill Or Business Number

Is your Gotv account  active viewing days depleted? Also, is your it totally inactive?Are you suddenly missing out on your entertainment? Worry no more, this GOtv Paybill Number  Guide will help you to restore viewing.

Firstly, the guide below is for  Safaricom users(subscribers) who have registered Mpesa account.

What is the Gotv pay bill/business number? (423655)

The official Gotv pay bill number is 423655.

Also,  this number is known as the Gotv business number. Make all your Gotv payments and transactions with this number. These payments include actual renewals or top-ups for an upgrade of an existing active package.  

Where to find the Gotv business number?

Normally, some people are not good at keeping two digits numbers let alone to keep a six digit Gotv business number like 423655.  This implies that, one might have to read this post again and again whenever he needs the number.

Therefore where again will you find the Gotv Pay Bill number? You can always check on Gotv’s official website,

How to pay for Gotv using Mpesa. 

  1. Open your Safaricom tool kit (STK) and click on M-Pesa.
  2. Tap on “Lipa Na Mpesa”.
  3. Select pay bill.
  4. Enter the Gotv pay bill number 423655.
  5. Follow the rest of the options on the M-Pesa menu.
  6. Enter your Safaricom Mpesa Pin and confirm the Gotv payment.

      7. Finally, you will receive an M-Pesa confirmation message. This message shows that your Gotv account payment is successful. 

How do I activate the Gotv Pay bill in Kenya?

Also, to activate the Gotv paybill/business number (423655), open your Mpesa menu and enter the number 423655 in the business number section.

What are the Gotv prices in Kenya?

In Kenya, the Gotv account payments are mainly made monthly. However, there are also quarterly and annually payments options for Gotv lite subscribers. 

Also, the amount a subscriber pays depends on the package he has subscribed to. Finally, below is a list of all bouquets of Gotv Kenya and the amount one has to pay to enjoy them.

  1. Gotv lite monthy(ksh.260.00).
  2. Gotv lite Quarterly(ksh.590.00)
  3. Gotv lite Anually(ksh. 1500.00)
  4. Gotv Value(ksh.499.00)
  5. Gotv Plus(Ksh.749.00)
  6. Gotv Max(ksh.1299.00)

Requirements needed to use the Gotv pay bill/business number.

There are no specific requirements if you are only making payments to Gotv. However, you have certain things in place to be able to make payments. These are;

  1. You must be a Gotv subscriber.
  2. Also, you must be a Safaricom subscriber .
  3. Finally, you will need the business number 423655 to be able to effect payments.


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