Does Dave Work With Chime, Yes, Know How To Use It

In today’s guide, we will set off on a journey to ascertain what the working relationship between these two apps is. Are they the same? Or Does Dave work with Chime?

As we can attest to, the Dave app has made a name for itself on the map of financial applications.

Its user perimeter speaks loudly of this, alongside its exciting financial tools available for its users.

Aside from all of these exciting things about Dave, you must note that it is not compatible with all financial institutions or mobile payment apps.

So how do you know if Dave is compatible with your bank, or more specifically for Chime users; Does the Dave app work with Chime?

This question, among others, is what the paragraphs of this guide are meant to answer.

Just before we arrive at the response, let’s find out what Dave’s mobile app is about.

Dave app is a mobile platform that offers a whole host of financial tools to its users.

It provides full-service financial services and support. 

As known by many, Dave mobile app partners with other financial institutions on its platform, of which we will find out if Chime bank is one by answering the question “Does Dave mobile app work with Chime?”

Does Dave Work With Chime

Yes, the Dave application supports Chime. This implies users can link their Chime account to the Dave platform and access the various services available.

How Can I Add My Chime Account To Dave

Below are the steps to link your Chime account to the Dave app: 

1. Download and install the Dave app on your smartphone

2. Create an account to be able to sign in to the user interface

3. On the user interface, look for the Profile tab.

4. Choose “Linked Banks and Cards” 

5. Click “Next” to Linked Banks

6. Go for the Chime bank.

7. Provide your Chime bank account details

8. Follow the onscreen process to complete the process.

What Apps Like Dave Work With Chime

Below are some of the cash advance apps that support Chime aside Dave:

  1. Money lion
  2. Empower
  3. Varo
  4. Albert
  5. Cleo

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money From Chime To Dave

It takes up to a maximum of an hour for your fund to be transferred from Chime’s account to Dave’s account.

And this service comes with a cost. It is part of the monthly fees of $1 that Dave charges its users.

This is where we will end on Does Dave app work with Chime.

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