Can I Check My UBA Card Statement In Nigeria, Yes, Find Out How

Are you having a problem on how to check your UBA card statement? Do not worry as we got you sorted out in this article.

We will take you through the most straightforward guide on how to check your UBA card statement.

A bank statement is actually like a book of records for all your financial activities on your bank account over a certain period, i.e., When you make transfers.

When you get money, the proof of such transactions can usually be found on the statement of account/account statement.

Some banks sent bank statements to their customers every month to their email addresses, while some do not.

There are a number of reasons why one needs a bank statement.

It may be because you desire to apply for a visa, apply for a loan, and several other reasons.

Usually, it would help if you went to the banking halls to get your account records printed out. 

They will then ask you the timeframe and charge you N50 to N100 per page.

In this post, I’ll take you through or introduce you to the simple steps of checking your statements without necessarily visiting the banks. 

To check your UBA card statement, use the mobile app and internet banking; when you log in, go to your account, check your statement of account, and select the desired date of the statement you need.

To prevent your UBA statement, then you need to follow the following steps;

How To Check Your UBA Nigeria Statement?

You can quickly get your UBA bank account statement by requesting it via various channels.

And some banks usually send bank statements to their customers monthly to their email address, while some don’t.

These are the steps to follow when checking your UBA Nigerian Statement.

  • Download the UBA mobile app from Google Playstore or IOS app store.
  • Register an account and log in with your details  
  • Go to your account and select an account statement.
  • Then choose the duration you want to see, and it will be shown to you as requested.       

You can also check your bank statement through an email.

You can request your statement through an email at

You can also call them through their phone numbers: 01 2808 UBA, or 01 280882201 6319822, 0700 call UBA.

You can also make inquiries by visiting the nearest branch and the customer care services will help you.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope that it helped you gain the necessary knowledge to check for an online statement.

If you still need some clarification, please the comment section is open to everybody.

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How Do I Check My UBA Mini Statement?

To check your UBA mini-Statement, dial *919#, press the number four, and follow other guidelines on the mobile number you used to open your UBA bank account and follow the instructions.

If that doesn’t work, you have to register the number by dialing *919#

How Do I Check My Card Statement?

To access your card statement, you will first have to create an online account via your card issuer’s website.

If you obtained a card through your current bank or credit union, your credit account might be accessible through your UBA online banking account.

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