Vodacom Self Service, Access All Vodacom Services By Yourself

In this guide, we shall discuss with you the Vodacom self-service, including how you can access it on both online and USSD code.

Vodacom South Africa has made it a priority for customers to access their services in their own convenient way.

So for that to happen, they launched an option, which will allow customers to access most of their services without help from my Vodacom official.

As the name suggests, the Vodacom self-serve gives you seamless access to almost all services at your fingertips.

However, before you can access the self-service, you must own a Vodacom SIM card.

Suppose you have a Vodacom number. You can access services by yourself online via the My Vodacom App and USSD code.

Vodacom Self Service

Vodacom self-service is a product that allows customers to manage their accounts and access services, including checking account balances, buying data bundles, purchasing airtime, upgrading contract, and many others without the help of Vodacom staff.

With self serve, you can know the services you have subscribed to, check your Vodacom number, check your upgrade due date, edit your account information, link phone numbers to your accounts, and many others.

How Do I Use Self Serve On Vodacom

You can access the Voda self service in two ways, including online via the Voda App and using the USSD code. You must ensure that you have an active Vodacom number to be able to use the do it by yourself.

What Is Vodacom Self Service Number

The Vodacom self service number is *135#. It is available only to Vodacom South Africa customers, and you can access it on your phone at any time. Note that you are not charged any fee for using the code, however, services you subscribe to might come along with charges.

Requirements To Use The Self Service

Before you can use self-serve you are the things you need:

1. Vodacom phone number

2. My Vodacom App

3. Self Service USSD code *135#.

4. Cellphone

How To Access Self Service Online

If you want to access Vodacom self service online, follow these steps:

1. Open the My Vodacom App on your phone.

2. Next, enter your login details to sign in to your account on the app.

3. Once you are logged into your account, tap on the menu bar.

4. All services you can access will be displayed to you.

5. Proceed to any of the services you want to use.

How To Use Self Service On Phone

To access the self service on Vodacom in South Africa, kindly dial *135# on your cell phone, and all services you can access on your own will be displayed on your phone. Select any of the available services and proceed to access them.

How Much Self Service Charge

Vodacom does not charge any fee for using the service; however, some products you can access or subscribe to on the services come with fees and other charges.

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