UBA MasterCard In Nigeria, Find Out How To Get The Card

Do many people tend to ask what one can do with the UBA  Mastercard in Nigeria, and in this guide, we shall give you full details about that.

With a debit MasterCard, you can shop online as much as you want.

And when you use your UBA MasterCard on Nairabox and Jumia, you get an exciting deduction of up to 10% off on the naira box plus free delivery on Jumia. 

What Is a UBA Debit MasterCard

A debit MasterCard is a chip-based and PIN payment card associated with a current or saving account.

The Debit Mastercard is accepted as a form of payment and cash withdrawals at several locations worldwide.

The UBA debit MasterCard also comes in several types: Classic, Gold, and Platinum variant.

And what are the features of the UBA debit Mastercard?

Features Of UBA Debit MasterCard

There are various features of UBA debit MasterCard just as outlined below; each element has its relevance. 

• It is only accessible on Naira current or savings account

• It simplifies transfers by immediately moving from your card to any financial institution in Nigeria.

• It has three years validity

• A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is needed for all card transactions

• Its transfers are instantly from your card to any financial institution in Nigeria

• It has an Issuance fee of one thousand (1000) naira (VAT exclusive)

• It comes with an offer of 50 nairas monthly maintenance fee

Benefits Of Having A UBA Debit Mastercard In Nigeria

1. If your UBA Debit MasterCard gets lost or stolen, you are shielded against fraudulent transactions as soon as you report the loss to UBA bank (Call CFC on +234 1 280 8822).

2. Your UBA Debit MasterCard could be used for cash withdrawal at any UBA ATM or any ATM where MasterCard is accepted anywhere in the world.

3. You can use a UBA Debit MasterCard card for making purchases at over 32 million vendor locations. 

4. You can also pay for your bills, recharge your phone online or do much more with QuickTeller.com

5. You can also use your UBA Debit MasterCard to trace your daily spending.

The details about all of your purchases made on your card, the date, merchant name, and the amount are mentioned in your bank statement

For more details about getting your bank statement, you can contact the bank through email or visit our UBA Alerts page for more updated information.

What if I want a UBA debit MasterCard? What do I need? If you’re going to get your UBA debit Mastercard ensure you have the below-mentioned position.

Things You Need To Get Debit Mastercard

1. You should have active savings or current account

2. You should also have a correctly completed and signed Debit Card Application Form

What Should I Do If My MasterCard Gets Lost Or Stolen?

If your Debit/Credit Card gets misplaced or it is stolen, please get in touch with us immediately through



Security Centre:https://www.ubagroup.com/nigeria/help/security-centre/

What if I need help With UBA Mastercard?

If you need support or have any questions concerning the UBA debit, MasterCard contacts us through the following:

Email: cfc@ubagroup.com

Contact: +2347002255822

Or visit the nearest UBA branch

What is the transactions limit?

Most banks and financial institutions limit how much you can withdraw from your bank account.

This is what the majority of the banks across the world do and is not limited to only UBA Nigeria.

Because this guide is about the United Bank for Africa, we will show you the limit for the UBA debit MasterCard for transactions.

Here is what you need to know:

The maximum amount you can withdraw from an ATM within 24 hours is 150,000 naira.

The maximum amount of money you can spend on a POS or the Internet within 24 hours is 1,000,000 naira.

The maximum amount of money you can spend on the Internet within 24 hours is 500,000 naira.

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