How To Easily Send Money From The United States (USA) To Kenya Using Mpesa

Do you face difficulties when you are trying to send money from the USA to Kenya?

Safaricom got you covered now; you can easily send money from the comfort of your home using Mpesa, which has partnered with services such as western union, world remit, Xendpay, etc.

How To Use Western Union Money Transfer To Kenya?

Western Union is one of the outstanding money transfer services worldwide for many years.

Western unions make it easy to send over 130 currencies across borders; Safaricom and the union of the west have agreed to transfer funds to Kenya directly quickly.

Below are the simple guidelines to follow to send money from the USA to Kenya through the western union, but you should have an account with the western union before that.

If you want to send money from Western Union from the USA to Kenya via Mpesa, then you need to follow the basic steps below:

1. Go to on your browser.

2. Press on ” sing in. on “get started now.

4. Then, you will be asked the recipient’s country.

5. Input the amount you want to send; Note maximum amount is 50,000 USD

6. Choose how you want your recipient to receive the money, that is, either cash picks up the mobile wallet or bank account

7. For instance you choose the mobile wallet option, you will be further required to select the payment method to finalize the transfer.

8. You will select from five choices: credit/debit card, Bank account, wire transfer, instant bank pay, or pay in-store.

9. Bank account is preferable because you can see the exchange rate, transfer amount, transfer fee, and time.

10. If you have a promo code, you can use it to earn a discount on your transaction.

11. Press on “I have promo code” and key in the code.

12. Finally, press “continue” to complete the process.

  After a few minutes, you will get an SMS indicating you have successfully transferred money.

Worldremit Money Transfer To Kenya

Since the year 2018, Worldremit has been providing international payment services; it has favored developing countries like Africa to get money at lower prices.

How to use Worldremit to send money from the USA to Kenya using Mpesa

For starter, you should sign in to world remit so as that money transfer from the USA to Kenya can be possible then,

Follow the steps below to send money from the United States to Kenya via Mpesa:

1. Go to your browser and browse

2. Press on the login.

3. You need to enter the amount you want to send; exchange rate will be indicated there and fees to cater to the transaction.

4. Input the recipient’s Mpesa number.

5. You will be required to pay online to complete the transaction.

  Lastly, you will receive a successful transaction text.

Other ways to transfer money to Kenya using Mpesa

Apart from the above mentioned, one can also use the following services to transfer money to Kenya through Mpesa:

. Money gram

. Rocket remit

. skrill 

.post finance

.xend pay

. Azimo, sky forex, Xpress Money,p2p cash, Vodacom Tanzania, MTN Rwanda, Dahabshiil, Transfer Galaxy, and MTN Uganda.

This is how you can get money from overseas to your Mpesa account in Kenya.

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