My Vodacom Account Statement, Know Full Transactions History

Do you want to know your transaction history on your Vodacom account?. Then you need to get your Vodacom account statement.

Your Vodacom statement gives you complete details of transactions that have taken place on your account over a period of time.

It shows you all your transactions, including airtime purchase SMS bundles, voice bundles purchases, subscriptions, and many others.

There are various ways you can use to get your Vodacom account statement, including accessing it on the My Vodacom app online and requesting it via email from Vodacom.

Also, you can request a hard copy which will be posted to your mailbox.

Whichever way you might want to use, it guarantees the same result, and you shall be given full details of the transaction that has taken place on your Vodacom account within their request period.

As a Vodacom customer, it is important to always check your account transaction to be updated on your current spending or transactions on your account.

That is a good practice because it gives you an overview of your spending on your account to help you manage your expenses.

Suppose you want to check or get your statements. Kindly read below to find out the right procedure must fill.

My Vodacom Account Statement

A Vodacom account statement is a cumulative transaction that has taken place on your account over a period of time.

It includes all your transactions, including calls, SMS, internet bundle, airtime, voice, subscriptions, contract, and many others.

You can get your statement for the day, week, month, and year.

Ways To Get Your Statement

Below are the available ways you can use to get your Vodacom statement:

1. My Vodacom App

2. Request via email

3. Request through Post.

How To Get My Vodacom Account Statement Online

To get your Vodacom account statement online, kindly open the My Vodacom app and enter your account details to sign in to your account on the app.

Once you are logged into your Vodacom account on the app, navigate and click on my account, select Billings, and you’ll be presented with your invoices, including statements and other itemized billings.

Get Your Account Statement Via Email

Another way to also get your Vodacom account transactions history is their eBilling service which you can subscribe and get your account statements on a monthly basis sent to your email address.

You can call the Vodacom customer care center to request to sign up on their e-billing service, or you can sign in to your account on the my Vodacom app and register for eBilling.

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