How To Unrestrict Your GTBank Account In Nigeria

Today’s article features a step-by-step guide on how to unrestrict your GTbank account in Nigeria. Let’s get going.

Having your bank account blocked is a weary feeling no one would like.

But should it happen to you, does that mean you lose your money or what? What will you do?

This and many more have been carefully answered in the paragraphs below.

GTbank, just like any other bank, monitors all financial transactions on its platform, and as such, any alert on suspicious activity may lead to your account being restricted.

It does not always imply that, but sometimes it is for your safety.

Let’s kindly find out how to unrestricted your GTbank account if it gets restricted.

Why Has My GTbank Account Been Restricted

There are many reasons which could lead to your GTbank account being restricted. Some of these include:

Inactive account: there is a certain period that your account may be blocked if you fail to engage your account with financial activities.

Hence if you don’t transit funds with your GTbank over some time, this may lead to restricting the account.

Suspicious activity: this also may result in getting your account blocked.

Financial transactions are monitored 24/7 on the GT bank platform, and once they are alerted of any fraudulent activity, your account may be blocked automatically.

Requirements To Unrestrict Your GTbank Account In Nigeria

The following are the requirements to unrestrict your GTbank account in Nigeria:

  1. GTbank account number
  2. A valid ID used in registering your account
  3. Phone number linked to your account

How To Unrestrict Your GTBank Account In Nigeria

Kindly follow the steps below to unblock your GTbank account:

1. Visit any nearby GTBank branch

2. Request to see a Customer Support rep

3. Make known to the agent that you want to activate your account.

4. Details like your bank account and phone number will be requested.

5. The rep will proceed and verify your account.

How Do I Unrestrict My GTbank Account With 737

The *737# is a USSD code that customers of GTbank can use to unblock their accounts.

All that you will require is your mobile phone and an active SIM card. Dial *737*51*74# and follow the on-screen guide to unrestrict your GTbank account.

How Much Does Is It Cost To Activate Restricted GTbank Account

It costs nothing to activate a restricted GTbank account. In order words, it is free to unblock your account.

This is one of the various free services that customers are privy to with the bank.

Let’s end here for now on how to unrestrict your GTbank account in Nigeria.

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